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  1. ig33k

    MacPro RAM

    I got a new 2.66GHz version of the MacPro and want to upgrade the RAM. It came with two 512 sticks in it and I want about 3 or 4 GBs. Can I just install two 1GB sticks making it 3GB total? Or would I have to either go with 4GB (two 512 sticks and three 1GB sticks for max performance) or is it ok to go with 3GB (two 512 sticks and two 1 GB sticks) ORRR go do I have to get rid of the 512 sticks and buy all 1GB sticks? SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  2. ig33k

    Finding duplicate files

    thanks for the review. i will try fdupe!
  3. ig33k

    Firewall recommendations

    one question, why do you have two routers? the Airport Extreme Base Station is a router itself. if its wired connectivity you are going for along with your wireless, simply plug an ethernet hub into your Airport's single ethernet out port. this way all of your computers will remain on one subnet. anywho, to answer your question. there are a few options for you, one of which includes doing nothing. i would choose the doing nothing method. your (or any) NAT router (i.e. Airport) acts almost like a firewall which means unless an attacker is inside your network, he cannot target a single computer on your network because he can only see your network as a whole. and unless they can target a single computer inside, they connect get inside. kind of a catch 22 for them. check out this website (GRC) to test your networks outside security.. https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 . you will notice the results will come back looking as if you are running a firewall. the other option is to get a router that supports a firewall or get a plan 'ol hardware firewall. i highly recommend not worrying about as long as you are behind a NAT router. i also noticed that you have some laptops, make sure that if you go outside of your network you turn on those firewalls!
  4. ig33k

    How to eliminate application completely?

    sometimes searching in Spotlight doesnt find EVERYTHING. i really like AppZapper.
  5. ig33k

    New Get A Mac Ads

    try pirate bay
  6. ig33k

    I my Mail trash folder is gone!

    sometimes if you just delete something it will create a new Trash folder for it. make sure all of your setting are default for that.
  7. ig33k

    Another 3D CAD Request

    this isn't CAD but its a free, open-source 3D app a lot like Maya or 3DS... http://www.blender.org/cms/Home.2.0.html
  8. since OS X runs on UNIX, it uses what's called "cron jobs" to do maintenance. these are scripts in the crontab file that specify what command to run (i.e. maintenance scripts) and what time to run them.
  9. ig33k

    Fed Up with .Mac

    i think Godaddy has hosting too. just register a domain and then get some hosting and link them together. i'm also sure that Godaddy has support for IMAP with their e-mail. you also dont have to use Godaddy.... lastly, i too am getting sick of .Mac. the only thing i use is the syncing and e-mail. the iDisk is worthless because i only have a gig and i'm not paying more then $100/yr for something like this. Apple better make this service better to keep up with the FREE ones out there.
  10. ig33k

    Updating SSH on OS X

    i dont think that will work but i will try
  11. How do I update SSH ony OS X? i noticed in Fink there is a new version of OpenSSH and my version is an upgrade behind. ================= jasons-ibook:~ jason$ ssh -V OpenSSH_3.8.1p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7i 14 Oct 2005 jasons-ibook:~ jason$ fink apropos openssh Information about 1767 packages read in 4 seconds. i openssh 3.9p1-2 Secure shell (remote login) client and server ================= I installed OpenSSH in Fink but it did not upgrade my OS X SSH when I check the version after the Fink install. PS. I also have all of the newest system updates.
  12. ig33k

    Apple Backup doesnt work

    hmm. i think i will check that out
  13. ig33k

    Apple Backup doesnt work

    ya. i almost think that i was doing something wrong but i dont think there is really anything to do wrong with Backup...
  14. ig33k

    Macs have Souls

    i agree with you. but the reason why we say "soul" is just a metaphor of the way we feel towards the computers. usually things that seem friendly and inviting are considered to have "soul".
  15. ig33k

    Macs have Souls

    Adam mentioned that Macs have soul and to some that sounds a bit weird and out there. Being a Mac user, I actually can see what he means. Macs have so much more about them when it comes to feel and use, almost like a personality. On top of this, Apple has a lot more of a relationship to computers when it comes to making them work the best and really getting inside the mind of a user and predicting what they are going to want. In some ways I guess you can consider this as "having a soul."