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    Should I buy an iPhone?

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for some advice on whether to take the plunge and buy an iPhone. Based on the pictures I've seen and reviews I've read, I'm extremely tempted. However, I do have some concerns on which I'd like to get folks' opinions: 1. If I purchase the iPhone, I'd like to use it as a replacement for my blackberry. Does anybody know if I'll be able to interface this devise with my corporate email account? 2. If I can accomplish #1, will I be happy with the keyboard / text input functions of the devise? As a corporate / business guy, I'm a heavy user of email on my blackberry. 3. Is the EDGE as slow on the iPhone as people are saying? I currently use EDGE on my blackberry, and the response time okay (not great, not horrible), but I'm looking at web pages formatted for mobile devises.... so I'm guessing that the EDGE will perform worse on an iPhone. Like I mentioned, I'd love to get an iPhone, but wanted to get other peoples' take based on my needs / intended use. Would it be better for me to wait for iPhone II? Thanks for any thoughts you can offer, Anthony
  2. Does anyone know if there's a way to download old podcasts from a stream to which you've subscribed (ie, podcasts that you've downloaded in the past and have since deleted)? I'd like to find a way to get iTunes to show me the entire library of podcasts in a stream, including files that I've listened to in the past and that I've since erased. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Changing that option to "all" does the trick.
  4. Hello, I'm hoping that someone can help me with an iPod/podcast problem. If I partially listen to a podcast on my iPod and then sync the device, the podcast will no longer appear in the playlist on my iPod. However, the podcast will remain in my iTunes directory as an audio file that's been played. Is there any way to prevent the deletion on my iPod from happening (other than by manually re-marking the podcast as unplayed in iTunes so that the file continues to show up in the iPod)? This can be a real pain--I'm getting annoyed that longer podcasts that I've not finished listening to get deleted every time I sync the device. I have a fifth generation iPod running software version 1.2.1, and I'm running iTunes for Windows (sorry everybody--I'm getting a Mac as soon as I can afford it). Help! Thanks.