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    Yeah, what a screw up to make it just available as a phone too. Even withouth the phone, it has so many other great features - wifi, bluetooth, Safari, Photos, Coverflow and an Awesome UI etc Even if they took out all the phone junk and sold it as an ipod/internet device for a little cheaper, I would be buying one today. Also they wouldnt have to wait for the FCC, they could have shipped them today! There's no doubt that the iPhone is impressive, but I think more people would be impressed if they made that the new iPod without the phone.
  2. I have an imac G5 and also an Intel Macbook. I used to use my Sony trv460 camcorder all the time on both computers to transfer video and it worked fine. I havent done it in a couple of months until I tried today to transfer video that I took on Christmas. Both Mac's no longer will see the camcorder and I tried 3 different Firewire cables on both macs. At first I thought there must have been an update to the Mac that makes it no longer work. All other Firewire devices show up fine. I find it odd that both Mac's are having the same problem. I then also took my camcorder to my sisters house who has an Intel iMac and it would not recognize on her computer either. I plugged the camcorder into my Windows XP computer and it works fine. I also found another user who is also having this problem. http://blog.yassers.com/2006/09/17/mac-trouble.aspx and also a discussion on Apple's forum about the same thing http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...49&tstart=0 I then received a reply from the blog that I posted above and he replied with this: http://blog.yassers.com/2007/01/03/mac-and...appy-again.aspx If you own certain model Sony Camcorders, there is a lawsuit against Sony for defective models and Sony is repairing them free of charge. Here is the link to the Law suit as well as information on how to contact Sony to get your camcorder repaired. http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....egalNotice#list My camcorder was on the list of defective ones, as well as the guy who's blog I visited and linked to. I am hoping that Sony will fix this problem. Although the law suit states that it is for defective CCD not the problem that I am having. But according to Yasser's site, he had his camcorder repaired free of charge and now it works. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks Joe