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  1. jbrew


    That's what I did and received the spellchecker as you said - Firefox and Shapeshifter's "shinobi" framework didn't get along , but BBX Merc's fine with it. Text went to inviso mode the first go around lol.. Got it working fine now as long as I don't F with the structure to much.. Thanx for the HowTo..
  2. jbrew

    Mouse Recommendation

    I have this set up - still on the first set of batteries(6 button and scroll laser) The best set up I've ever seen - Maannn, I have a drawer full of mice too...Lasers that didn't work that well.. The s530 is unbeatable at the moment for the MAC, IMO.
  3. jbrew

    Upgrading the Guts of a PowerMac G5

    I purchased refurbished from apple. Saved quite a bit and haven't had one problem..
  4. jbrew

    Dock Options

    right click on the 5 button
  5. jbrew


    Camio's been around for quite awhile , they may of been here before i-cab, unless I'm confusing it with another, but I don't think so .. I wonder why it's not more popular - can't they keep up? idn , I may try it someday if I have probs. So far Firefox and Safari do what I need a browser to do .. Thanx for the info
  6. jbrew

    Graphics Card

    Great !! Thanx - Some of these games require power , I want to keep the temps down when games are are played - want my machine to last - as you know there not cheap. Hopefully this addition will help with that as well, along with excellent graphics in 3D. Thanx for all the help..
  7. jbrew


    I found the problem, I have Firefox/ . I ask for the latest updates , a message appears saying that I'm up2date. That's a problem. Would you suggest runnin app zapper on current version , then download and re-install from somewhere? thanx Update - I got it !!! thanx and it is great!!
  8. jbrew

    Icon Sze

    Right click or control click on the desktop - show view options click.
  9. jbrew

    Graphics Card

    Well , the 7800 has a power connector in the back - looks like the old style setup - I have a SATA setup , excuse my ignorance, I'm looking things up as I go - I wanna get the right card this time..Cost isn't an issue no longer, It's costing me to much time.. Looking for the best for this machine , 30 " display requires lots of power - Is 2g of memory enough as well ? Thanx for your help. Update - well , I can't find out what that power connector does in the back of the 7800 - no info that I can find on it - what's it for?? do I need to plug something into it?? I'm stuck again..
  10. jbrew

    Graphics Card

    Thanx , that's the answer I was looking for and it makes allot of sense - Explains why the X1900's card slot was twice the length in comparison to the 9650 . Also explains why my Mac call the 9650 an AGP card in slot one. I didn't know there was a difference , neither did the CS rep at ATI when I presented that question , huh?? Oh well, at least I know what to look for .. Thanx for your post.. BTW - I've had Mactracker for quite awhile - slipped my mind, it may have been a usefull resource with this search, with more detailed info about my machine, thanx for refreshing my mind lol..
  11. jbrew

    Hey Adam...

    Great podcast , The best one out there. I really like super duper, thanx for that tidbit and your great explanation on backup - never a boring moment in your podcast - the most imformative. Thanx for being out there.
  12. jbrew

    Graphics Card

    Two days is impatient? Answers I got from ATI is that the X1900 should fit - My machine doesn't have a x16 slot PCI X , It's x8?.. My machine calls my 9650 an AGP card , but it's plugged into aPCI slot?? Slot #1 is different from the other 3 in this power mac. If I could post photo's in threads I would post comparisons and my slot's and the 9650 along side the x1900 - there definitely different .. I don't know how , hard to figure out . Downfall for 30" users - a quality card is hard to find to handle games..If one exists..I sent pics to ATI's CS - they couldn't believe I didn't have the slot.. Is there a way to post pics in a thread?? I want a card that's smokin fast, last thing I need for this system.. If you could tell me were I could find the answer's I would appreciate it ..Thanx for posting Graham, Jim
  13. jbrew

    Graphics Card

    Not a very welcoming crowd , thanx anyway
  14. jbrew

    Graphics Card

    Pretty quiet over here..
  15. jbrew

    Graphics Card

    Hi!! New here, I have a PCI X Machine Dual 2.7 w/30" Cinema. I made the mistake and ordered the X1900 (ATI Card). I didn't fit #1 Slot or the other 3 slots as well. Not really a Geek ,yet!!, but wanting to learn as I go. Great show Adam.. I sent the card back to ATI - What would be the best card for my system , currently have 2gigs of memory and a 9650 ATI card - Not a dual core. The fellow at ATI recommended an 800 0r 850 (can't recall which exactly) Looking for a great card, what would you guys recommend? I would like to get some games so that my nephew may be able to enjoy on this system- Not confident that the 9650 can handle.. Thanx. jbrew