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    Fullscreen Video iPod = iPhone?

    i kinda like the "phone is the new ipod" idea, how big do you think it will be?
  2. musicmacboy

    Downloading movies suck!

    True! but I wouldn't mind paying $9.99 for unlimited movie watching, you?
  3. musicmacboy

    Downloading movies suck!

    I herd that they might not come out with the ipod AV on Tue. and that will be bad!!! real bad. In april of last year I thought they would do it for their 30th anniversary I couldn't sleep thinking of how cool it would be and then nothing! then at "Show Time" I thought this is it, this is the one but no, just a brighter screen..Suck! So, here comes Tue., I don't want a iphone for $600.00 I want a true video Ipod! I have been holding out, I still have the old 4th gen black and white screen. Please apple please!
  4. musicmacboy

    Downloading movies suck!

  5. musicmacboy

    Downloading movies suck!

    I would never download a movie at less than dvd quality, I wish they would do a subscription based service i use net flix right now I love it but if I could download the movies instead I would. Who wants to own tuns of movies? you watch it once and it's over, i like to watch new movies and I only buy movies that are classics (forest gump, starwars, braveheart.....ect). If apple ever does a subscription based service I'll jump right on! What do you think?