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  1. Chefpyro116

    Apple Watch voice to text

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else was having issues with the voice to text feature on Apple Watch series 1. I’ve tried several times to use this feature to wake up my son for school. I have my car windows up and lowered the radio, but nothing happens. Should I get another watch or should I just wait for an update? Has anyone else experienced this problem? I’d appreciate any insight. Thanks. Jeremy
  2. Chefpyro116

    moving iTunes library

    Hi Gang, Does anyone remember which show(s) Adam spoke about moving an iTunes library off a MBP and onto a portable HD? I've been thinking of doing this to save some memory on my MBP. I was also wondering if having multiple user accounts, if this would affect their accounts also. Just curious. Thanks for any help. Cheers! Jeremy
  3. Chefpyro116

    3rd party Watch Bands

    I've bought several off Groupon too and they have been great. Cheaper than Amazon, but also had to return one due it being too small. I've got a Series 1 and don't notice any problems with switching the bands around.
  4. Chefpyro116

    streaming iphone to tv without apple tv

    Hi guys and gals, I was just curious if there's a way to stream content from my iPhone X to my tv. I don't have an apple TV. I've tried different Samsung apps on my tv but nothing works except youtube. Is there anything I could plug my phone and tv in to share content this way? or do I need an apple tv? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeremy
  5. Chefpyro116

    Moving iTunes library off MBP

    Hi all, I was listening to the Maccast not too long ago and someone wrote in to ask about moving their iTunes library off their MBP. I was wondering which episode of the Maccast if was? are there any benefits to doing this? What about the other users libraries moving too? I have a Mid-2014 MBP with 512 GB SSD currently and would like to make the storage last. Thanks for any info! Jeremy
  6. Chefpyro116

    Minecraft hardware question

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else has a child who plays Minecraft on a PC or Mac. My son currently plays on my old Gateway running Windows Vista with 3 GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive. He's been complaining about it saying he wants a new laptop. He's says he doesn't want a Mac Mini cuz some of the Modpacks don't run as good on Macs as on PCs. Does anyone know anything about this? Is there any truth to his claim about this? Just wondering if anyone else has had any complaints/problems running the game/modpacks. Thanks for any info! Jeremy
  7. Hi All, I was wondering if converting my music files from their current format of mp3/mp4 in iTunes to AAC? Just trying to save some space on my Mac and also my son's Gateway laptops. I have about 6,000 tracks, plus some audiobooks. thanks, Jeremy
  8. Chefpyro116

    Wanted: Cloud storage without the syncing!

    Either file transporter.com or look into WD MyCloud systems. I have a 2 TB MyCloud I bought for Christmas for $130 and it works great. I can stream my music files and photos from anywhere. Just need to access your router and plug it in. After initial setup and uploading your files, you can give other people access to it, limiting their input and what they can see, it works great. Just a thought. Hope this helps. Jeremy
  9. Chefpyro116

    iPhoto help from MyCloud

    Hi there, I just bought my first MBP. I got the 15" Retina display, 16 gb RAM and 512 HD. I also have a WD MyCloud that I got for Christmas. I've put all of my iTunes media and photos onto the MyCloud, but I can't seem to view the photos in iPhoto. Some Questions I have: Do I have to import all the photos into iPhoto to see them or can I just view them and leave them on the MyCloud? If I or my wife wants to edit them, do we have to import them, edit, and then save them back onto the MyCloud? Thanks for any help in the future! Cheers! Jeremy
  10. Chefpyro116

    Graphics or no graphics for iMac

    Hi all, I have a question and I don't seems to know the answer. Do I need the graphics card for the iMac or no? I really don't do alot of video editing but need something to edit some videos. Seems simple enough but I can't seem to know which one is best. thanks, Jeremy
  11. Chefpyro116

    iMessage Problem with iOS 7

    Both. Seems it's the plant where i work. I have a hard time sending in certain spots. Maybe it's Sprint and maybe it my plant. Works fine sending text messages but iMessage seems to stall out or work sometimes. 7.1 update has helped a bit.
  12. Chefpyro116

    Internal or external?

    WD just released their My Cloud external hard drive. There's 2TB, 3, and a 4TB option. It works as a NAS and that could be an option. The 2 TB starts at $149 at Best Buy. Just a thought.
  13. Chefpyro116

    iMessage Problem with iOS 7

    I'm still having a problem with iMessage when I'm at work. Maybe it's the steel around me or the carrier, idk, but I keep having to send a text twice or get it twice from my wife. Anyone else having this issue? I'm current on all my updates. any suggestions?
  14. Chefpyro116

    FLAC files into iTunes

    Sweet! Thanks!
  15. Chefpyro116

    FLAC files into iTunes

    Hi all, I was wondering if there's a way to transfer a FLAC file into iTunes? I downloaded a cd from a friend and it's in FLAC and I cant open it in iTunes. Is there a way to import it or convert it into something usable? Thanks. Jeremy