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  1. Element4l

    Dual Monitor Setup?

    Ok, i have: ATY,Rage128Pro: Chipset Model: ATY,Rage128Pro Type: Display Bus: AGP Slot: SLOT-1 VRAM (Total): 16 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Displays: Apple Studio Display: Display Type: CRT Resolution: 1600 x 1200 @ 64 Hz Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Not Supported Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Not Supported And i would like to set up dual monitors. my gfx card has 1 ADC, and 1 DVI. to buy a DVI to ADC (since i have 2 20" ADC Monitors), it costs about 70 bucks on ebay. but im not convinced this will work. i dont want to spend 70$ on something that might not work. so yes, im asking you guys if you think i can set up my dream dual monitors.
  2. Element4l

    Finder problem!

    wow perfect! it runs so fast now, and it never crashes. i just deleted the stuffit CM plugin, and it works perfectly! thanks
  3. Element4l

    Finder problem!

    ARRRGH! almost every time i use right click, or control click, the finder restarts! it really pisses me off. i tried reinstalling OSX, but it still does the same thing. suggestions?
  4. Element4l

    Automator... Dissapeared!

    omg somehow the automator dissapeared. and i can ifnd it anywhere, i tried the spotlight, the advanced search, and it's nowhere to be found! i have the 10.4 install CDs, but is there a way i can install it from that?
  5. Element4l

    is the IMac 20"

    wow thanks a lot for the very long reply. after thinking about it, a laptop might actually be the right thing for me. you gave me a lot of usefull points on the macbook pro, and i think it might actually be the better side. thank you very much, and i'll be checking this topic again to see if anyone else has different views about the subject.
  6. Element4l

    is the IMac 20"

    Okay, let me explain my situation. i am 15 years old, and i dont have a job. but i plan on getting one this summer. The new iMac 20" G5 seems to be a good enough deal for 1500$ US. I do a LOT of photoshop, and i like multitasking. (ex Itunes, Firefox, Torrent, Photoshop, MSN etc.) right now, i have an old 466 MHz PowerPC G4, 640 MB SDRAM. my real question is, should i go out and buy some more RAM, and a new graphics card? or do you think it's worth it to go buy a new imac early after summer.
  7. Element4l

    Alias arrows

    The little Alias arrows on my big 80 x 80 icons looks really ugly. i remember that not too long ago, i had gotten rid of those suckers. but i just installed 10.4, so they're back. anyone have tips?
  8. Element4l

    ATI Radeon 9000

    Hi, im looking for an ATI Radeon 9000 or newer but that connects through AGP, and has an ADC (Apple Display Connector) monitor connection. preferably 64 mb of ram or more. i have a Powermac G4 thanks, and if you need any more info, just post here.
  9. Element4l

    Using an old PowerMac G4 as a Media Center

    no worries, we all make mistakes. (i just make less =D)
  10. Element4l

    Mac vs. PC

    wow im pretty sure that would convert pretty much any pc user to a mac user. you've probably said it all, so i have no other suggestions lol
  11. Element4l

    Using an old PowerMac G4 as a Media Center

    i've never had any problems with playing high quality video on my mac. and about Democracy, it really sucks i cant get it to work properly, it's such a great program, but just goes too slow for me glad i could help
  12. Element4l

    Show off your Desktop

    well i recently changed back to the normal mac style, after getting tired of different shapeshifter themes. and unlike lots of people, i decided i liked putting my apps on my desktop rather than the dock because i was getting tired of it. (and i liked to look at my wallpaper) (i made the wallpaper)
  13. Element4l

    Using an old PowerMac G4 as a Media Center

    that's weird... my g4 PPC 433 mhz handles 720 px fine. as for downloading your shows, there is a program that uses rss and torrent to download shows, (rss comes from a tv show torrent site, not sure if i can mention it here) it's called Democracy Player. but for some reason, it doesn't download very fast as opposed to an other torrent client. i have stopped using it because it was downloading my shows around 10 kb/sec. i have been thinking of doing the same thing as you want. anyway i hope i helped a tiny bit.
  14. Element4l

    Itunes Sync with PSP?

    I've heard a few places where they tricked their ITunes into thinking their PSP was an IPod shuffle or something. so it would automatically sync with it. is there any way of doing this on 10.3.9?