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    OfficeHax - Gadgets

    If any of you mac geeks can help out, we're trying to see what sorts of gadgets would be good to offer on our site. http://officehax.com/survey/
  2. Hey all, I'm looking at trying to get an all in one unit (printer, copier, fax, scanner) for my home office. I just want to make sure that whatever i get allows all the buttons to work w/ the Mac. Any recommendations?
  3. pixelZION

    network locations ??

    Hey All, I've recently switched to Bellsouth dsl. Well, i've had to modify my smtp settings to use their servers. Works great when I'm at home. Is there a quick way to set up a network location (not sure if that's the right area to do this) that when I'm at work I can switch all my smtp settings to my standard old smtp servers? Thanks
  4. pixelZION

    iPod in looping reset

    Anyone ever had a looping reset problem? I get the black screen w/ the white apple...then the main iPod screen (artists, albums, etc.) then a few seconds later...another reset. I just restored to factory settings (although it's at home, and I'm at work, so I don't know if that fixed anything). Just worried about it now. What could it be? Thanks
  5. pixelZION

    Copying Folder Location

    Hey, so my PC friend is dogging me because on the PC we can copy folder locations (from a server) right in Windows Explorer (since there's an address bar) and send the path to coworkers. How can I do the same thing in OSX? Why isn't this built in? Or if it is, why isn't it more easily accessible? Thx
  6. pixelZION

    Ever used Zimbra?

    I'm considering using Zimbra as an email solution. I like that it syncs w/ my iCal and Address Book. Anyone have any experience with it? Thanks
  7. pixelZION

    iPod in looping reset

    ok, so the restore didn't work. I restored it, and ejected my iPod. I could go through the menus and stuff, no reset. Thought everything was fine. So I put all my music, videos, photos, and contacts/calendars back on. As soon as that was done (day and a half later) I ejected my iPod. Right back to the looping reset. AARRRGGHHH. I restored again. This time, I selected to manually manage my tunes. I put a few songs, a few vids, my photos, and contacts/calendars back on. Looping reset continues. I restored again, but this time first used Disk Utility to format the iPod (don't know what that'd do, but did it anyways). This time I put 25 random songs on, a couple vids, some podcasts, NO photos, and NO contacts/calendars. Best of all, NO looping reset. I know this may not make sense, and I'll probably find a better answer, but it seems like my iPod didn't like my photos and/or contacts/calendars anymore. Anyone ever heard of that? All my music, vids, and podcasts are synced to the iPod now. And I have managed to elude the looping reset. So what I can't use photos anymore. Better that then having to spend $$ to get my iPod fixed.
  8. Ok, so my external hard drive crashed...I basically just used it for my iTunes library, so no worries right? I have all that stuff on my iPod. Well, using iPodDisk, I have successfully grabbed all my music, and put it back on the new external drive. Where is the game I bought from the iTMS?
  9. pixelZION

    external drive problems

    I had a 200gb external Maxtor One Touch II drive. The drive started clicking, so I took the drive out (don't worry, it was out of warranty) and bought a 300gb Maxtor drive (diamond back series same as the original). I popped it in the enclosure, but now my mac only recognizes 128gb of the drive. I realize that this is a common problem w/ internal ATA drives, but it shouldn't affect this external should it? The jumper is set the same as the previous drive. What should I do? Thankx, jH
  10. pixelZION

    external drive problems

    yeah, one partition...when I change to 300, it obviously changes itself back to 128 I wonder if a firmware upgrade might help. It's an oxford 911. Any idea how I can do that? I tried to d/l a file from fwdepot.com but I couldn't get the .bin to ever open up for me. Again, why in the world would the previous 200gb work, but not this new 300gb?
  11. pixelZION

    external drive problems

    Yes, formatted with HFS Journaled
  12. Hey, how can I listen to my iPod through my Powerbook speakers at work? I've got a mac at home that I use for my iTunes. It's set to automatically update. While at work, I'd like to play my iPod through my Powerbook's speakers. How can I do that? When I hook it up via USB, I get the libary association message (since I have it set to auto update). And all my songs on the iPod are, of course, greyed out. What can I do? Thx
  13. did I miss something? Is the search function only available on new iPods?
  14. pixelZION

    powerbook just shuts off

    hey all, I've got a 3yr old 17" Powerbook. Now I'm gaving some major battery issues. W/out being plugged into a wall outlet, I seem to get about 30minutes of power. Then I don't get any "You are Now Running on Reserver Power" warnings, it just shuts off. And on top of it all, the batter meter still will be showing 50% or so. Also, pushing the battery testing button on the battery, still shows 3 lights. What gives? Thanks
  15. pixelZION

    powerbook just shuts off

    The article I read said that the 17" powerbooks were unaffected. https://depot.info.apple.com/batteryexchange/ So...anyone else? jH
  16. Hey all, I need to edit my Apple Mail preference file. I don't have XCode installed. Can someone help me? Let me know, and I can email you my file, or send link. I'm wanting to accomplish this: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...050426125526728 Thanks
  17. pixelZION

    anyone w/ XCode installed...pls help!

    haven't received anything yet.
  18. pixelZION

    anyone w/ XCode installed...pls help!

  19. Don't know if it's possible or not, but I'd like to shuffle only a particular playlist. I've created a smart playlist that doesn't include the genre audiobooks. Can I choose to shuffle that smart playlist? Thanks
  20. pixelZION

    Shuffle particular playlist

    But is this option available on my iPod? I don't really listen to music on my laptop. I need to be able to shuffle the playlist on my iPod. Thnx
  21. pixelZION

    My friend's former iPos

    good thinking, but that wasn't the case. I ened up just adding the couple diff artists that wouldn't show up into a playlist, and I'm living with it.
  22. pixelZION

    Sound input/outpu in menu bar

    Yup, you rock the party. Thanks.
  23. pixelZION

    Sound input/outpu in menu bar

    Hey all, I seem to remember reading somewhere about a utility that will place your sound prefs in the menu bar of osx. Kinda like a dropdown menu, where you can select where you want your sound input and output to be routed. Anyone know of such a utility? Thanks
  24. pixelZION

    My friend's former iPos

    Yeah, I'm just noticing that a few of the Artists aren't showing up in the Artist list. Odd. I added the artist to a playlist (on my mac) and synced the iPod. The songs show up on the playlist with the correct artist name, but then in the Artist list, they're not there. Haven't reformated, that'll take a bit. Thanks.
  25. pixelZION

    installing OSX

    right, well, why am I getting the repeating treatment from Tiger? It's never moving on to the next CD...just restarting, and then going through the same installation over again.