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  1. marcjali

    iBook G3 upgrading to Mac OS X

    Thanks guys
  2. marcjali

    iBook G3 upgrading to Mac OS X

    thanks John, I won't be the one using it, I have my trusty MacBook Pro for that. The 10.3 installer wont run without some sort of OS X on there, coz i have upgrade discs.
  3. marcjali

    iBook G3 upgrading to Mac OS X

    Thanks John but that doesn't really answer my question, she wants to use this one for her college work, the most she'll be doing on it is word processing anyway so nothing too processor heavy so I need to get OS X working on it so that she has a familiar environment to work in. She has an iPad so she can use that for other fun stuff. So the question still remains how do I get OS X on there when it is up to date but my discs arent working, I can get 10.3 on there coz it will read from those discs (the set of upgrade CD's that I mentioned) but I still need to get OS X on there before it will upgrade. I know it can be done, I've just run out of ideas, thanks John very insightful but not what I need to know to resolve the problem I am having.
  4. Hi All Long time listener here and I have a problem, I am trying to sort out the iBook G3 that my sister bought (I know vintage, it's the Clam Shell one). I was convinced that I would be able to fix it (it's just a software issue). So I have tried everything I can think of, I have got Mac OS 9.2.2 on there at the moment, but I need to get it to 10.3.x, There is no firewire so that prevents 10.4 but I tried to install 10.2.7 from the install CD that came with my iMac (there is also no DVD player). I tried installing from my 3 CD set of Mac OS X 10.3 but it's an upgrade install set so I can't use that either because it requires an installation of Mac OS X. I have tried installing Puma (10.1) but even that it won't allow. So I am at a loss of what to do. It isn't the firmware, that is up to date. So I throw it out to you, does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks, Marc
  5. Hi All I'm back online after months of not having the internet at home, got a new isp: enta net so all is good. How is everyone? iPhones at the ready! I recently did the Mac OS X update to 10.4.11 which includes the new Safari, but as before when I installed the beta it unexpectedly quits on me at launch, and always did which was why I never used the new Safari. However, after I did the update and then read that it included the new Safari, and it kept quitting on launch, I immediately tried to go back to the previous version but that does the same, it just quits on launch. I'm using firefox now, but does anyone know how I can get Safari back working again? Many thanks Marc
  6. marcjali

    FTP not showing all files

    thanks for the replies, im not sure about ssh but the ftp account is the main account so the permissions should be access to all, ill check on that and gonna try cyber duck
  7. marcjali

    FTP not showing all files

    Hi ive got this website and the ftp doesnt show all the files in a directory, but in the same directory on the cpanel all the files are shown, i am connecting using captain ftp and dreamweaver on mac os x tiger. this is really quite stange and frustrating coz im trying to move the files to a new dedicated server. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
  8. marcjali

    MacBook Start up disc

    Hi This is the first time I've come across this problem since OS9, so was surprised to see it on Tiger, basically my brothers MacBook isn;t seeing the built in hard drive as the start up disc. I tried the remedy from OS9 - to start up from the install disc but when we aborted the install and went to the start up screen it didnt show the hard drive, just network and disc. I looked at the support site but found nothing so I came here. can someone help, its urgent, hes working on his final project at college and needs his mac, thanks
  9. marcjali

    failed[10] error in QT Pro 7

    I bought Quicktime 7 Pro when it came out, and it was working great, I could export out and everything, but for a few months now I haven't been able to export or share from the file menu. I keep getting an error that says "failed[10]'' in the export dialogue. Do you know what this is caused by? I thought I'd wait it out until an update was avaliable, but it didn't fix the problem. iMovie and my other applications that work with QT are all fine, I do not get this error any where else. If anyone can shed some light onto this issue, I'd really appreciate it. thank you I am running Mac OS X 10.4.6 on an iMac G4
  10. marcjali

    FTP issues

    My firewall is not turned off and I do not have a static IP, with my firewall I have the FTP enabled, I also have one for Passive FTP.
  11. marcjali

    FTP issues

    I;ve got one of those and tried to use it, but it didnt work. Any other ideas, can you address the FTP issue?
  12. marcjali

    FTP issues

    I am using Captain FTP as my client, the machine in which i am connecting is a Linux red hat machine, it is my own domain, that is hosted at servage.net. I have just asked about the permissions.
  13. marcjali

    FTP issues

    I've disabled firewall, I've tried connecting without the passive mode (which doesn't connect). Nothing I try is enabling me to upload through FTP, whats strange is that I am able to download through ftp.
  14. marcjali

    FTP issues

    Ive uploaded via ftp before and recently as december of last year it is only recently that this problem has arisen, please help. what is SFTP?
  15. marcjali

    FTP issues

    How'd you mean?