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    SuperDuper Question

    Thanks Huskermn and Graham, I think for the price I will purchase it and give it a try. I feel I kind of owe them anyways as its saved me a few times in the past. I still have a clone of Leopard which I used a few times while waiting for software updates for SL. Regards Neil
  2. neil_jo

    SuperDuper Question

    Was wondering how Superduper works as far as running weekly/ monthy backups or smart backups with the paid version. I used it for a few years to clone my drives and it works great. But would like to run scheduled back ups as needed, without having to erase the old one and start a new backup and have it run for 2 hours. Regards Neil
  3. neil_jo

    Preview Problem / Snow Leopard

    The funny is it started working a couple of day after I posted this and with no SL camera updates. But on checking again this morning, now it doesn't. Regards Neil
  4. Hi, I used to be able to get the shutter actuation's form my camera using the inspector in preview. Basically when you open an image in preview then open the inspector tab then info it would list a Nikon tab, that when clicked would tell me how pictures I had taken. I just booted to Leopard and it works fine there, any thoughts? Regards Neil
  5. neil_jo

    Snow Leopard ?

    A Snow Leopard Install Question. When I went to Leopard from Tiger on my Intel Mac, I first tried the Upgrade install. Found things a bit sluggish so did an erase and install and it ran much faster, though I had a few more software/driver issues with the erase and install, but that eventually sorted itself out. Now with Snow Leopard on the Mac homepage it says this "Snow Leopard is an upgrade for Leopard users and requires a Mac with an Intel processor". Does this mean its only and upgrade and you cannot do an erase and install? Regards Neil
  6. neil_jo

    Snow Leopard ?

    Thanks for the replies, I think it sounds like a clean install is possible after the upgrade install through Disk Utility. I will get Snow Leopard, but will wait a while before installing it. Regards Neil
  7. neil_jo

    Garageband Midi Imput Controller Keyboard

    Now I might be wrong, but if its like my M-Audio keystation 49 there are no sounds, the keyboard only works through your mac with the loops you have installed.
  8. neil_jo

    imac superdrive gone

    Yes it is an intel mac.
  9. neil_jo

    imac superdrive gone

    My imac superdrive is gone, can I use any generic external USB/DVD drive?
  10. neil_jo

    imac superdrive gone

    I have two external hard drives with my super duper backup on one of them already. The super drive will read fine it just won't burn.
  11. neil_jo

    imac superdrive gone

    Thanks , but no I don't need to be able to boot from it just burn.
  12. neil_jo

    Color management hardware

    I bought the Spyder 2 suite, which comes with Print fix plus software and wish I had have apted for a more advanced package. I find it seems to calibrate my imac fine, but still can't seem to get my prints looking anything like my screen.
  13. neil_jo

    Buyers tips for Hard Drives

    I just buy OEM drives usualy seegate and Vantech USB / Firewire enclosures from a local computer shop and have never had a problem.
  14. neil_jo

    Are Macs getting less reliable?

    My brother bought a black intel macbook in early 06 . I bought my intel imac in oct 06, and my brother bought a new aluminium 24" imac about 8 months ago. His macbook has no sound and needed the battery replaced, my imac has to go in for a new super drive, and his new imac had the screen freeze problem so had to go in for repairs. So for us thats 3 out 3 , bad luck? I think they could do a little more in the quality control department.
  15. neil_jo

    iMac Won't Accept *Blank* DVD

    I have the same problem with my imac. And get an error message " 1608 '' I think it was. Phoned applecare and was told to bring it in to replace the drive. I can still get it to work but have to keep putting the disk back in 3 or 4 times. Once it starts burning its fine. The funny thing is I don't have that problem with pre-recorned disks , like the install disk only blanks.
  16. neil_jo

    iwork question

    Thanks, just need it to veiw them
  17. neil_jo

    iwork question

    Will iwork 08 open MS excell spread sheets?
  18. neil_jo

    Online Storage

    My brother and I have been looking into the same thing. We found Zenfolio to be great for that. Its 40.00 per year for unlimited photo's, and you can upload full sized images, and your familly can download the images that they like also full sized. The viewer is fast and displays the photo's at a good size and you can choose costumized templates as well. I'm not sure about the video's though I thing there is that option but might cost more. http://www.zenfolio.com/
  19. neil_jo

    Restore trashed iTunes disk

    Try holding down the option key, then click on your itunes icon in the dock. It will ask you if you want to go to an existing library or create a new one.
  20. neil_jo

    Aperture's Demise?

    True but I don't always need to sharpen every picture. I have tried Capture NX but found it very slow. As far as Lightroom is concerned I love it , find it fast and use it for printing as well. the only down side for me is using it as an orginizer. I have it set up to import my I insert my card in the reader, do my edits then export to a folder. From there import them to iphoto for viewing , also to an external. How do you like your D300 , I have a D80 and am thinking of upgrading?
  21. neil_jo

    Aperture's Demise?

    I took 3 raw images yesterday, imported them into aperture and lightroom. found they where alot warmer in lightroom, and almost black and white looking in aperture. Still hate the fact that if you want to sharpen in aperture you have to click on a tools drop down to open it , and then when you move to the next pic its gone and has to be opened again. Also am getting a lot of spinning balls especially with the loupe and can here my cooling fans speed increase when using it. The one thing I do like is the full screen viewing and being able to change pic's with the scroll wheel, and they load faster than in aperture 1.5. I'll play with it for a while but think I'm sticking with lightroom.
  22. neil_jo

    Printer problems

    I have an HP photosmart C3180 printer, running leopard 10.5.1. And have MS office 08. If I print anything through Excel or word it comes out grey as if I was out of ink. The ink levels are fine. If I take a screen shot of an excel doc. and print through preview its fine. I have also cleaned the the print heads two or three times Any ideas?