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    Manual Backup Eating All Storage Space

    Never mind, I seem to have found a solution. I forced iTunes to "recalculate" the amount of "Other" space by using this Cult Of Mac article. The second tip (holding the buttons) was the only one I tried, as iTunes no longer has the "Open iTunes when this iPhone is connected" option." I tried the following: "Launch iTunes if it doesn’t do so automatically, and then hold the Home and the Wake/Sleep button on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch until it reboots. The screen will show the “Slide to Power Off” slider, then go dark, and then the little apple logo will show up after what seems like a long time. Be patient and keep those buttons held down. While you may need to relaunch iTunes to see any change, this should also have the effect of forcing iTunes to recalculate the Other Category for you." I did need to restart iTunes, and it seemed to take a minute longer to make the iPhone selectable in the sidebar. Once I selected the phone, the Other category adjusted itself from the 3.4 GB it had been to a much more reasonable 1 GB. Hooray for defeating the mysterious "Other" category! It's getting to the point now that I am ready to pay for iTunes Match just to stop the terrible syncing between iOS devices and iTunes. It is that bad. Nate
  2. computiNATEor

    Manual Backup Eating All Storage Space

    Sorry for the double-post; the website locked up and didn't respond, so I tried it again, only to realize the first went through. How do you go about deleting a topic?
  3. computiNATEor

    Manual Backup Eating All Storage Space

    I'm taking my iPhone 4 (16GB, GSM) into the Apple Store tomorrow to see if I can get the battery replaced. As per Apple's recommendation, I did a full, manual backup to my computer. When I back up my iPhone to my computer manually (I normally use the iCloud backup), however, I notice that suddenly all of the free space on the device evaporates. Nothing new was added; in fact, I wiped my camera roll (which had about 800 MB of pics/vids in it) and ran the back up again, and it all disappeared. 3.4 whole GB are now eaten up by the "Other" category, easily three times larger than it was before. I would really appreciate a solution, as it has made it impossible for me to download podcasts. :-( Thanks, Nate
  4. computiNATEor

    iPhone 4 Crashes with Flash Photos

    At this point, I'm just going to drag it into my local Apple Store. If it's the battery, I'll replace it myself.
  5. computiNATEor

    iPhone 4 Crashes with Flash Photos

    I had a strange issue last night where the flash (which I have set to blink for alerts) wouldn't turn off after recieveing an onslaught of group messages. It remained on a strange flickering cycle until I opened up the camera, then closed it. Is it possible for the flash unit itself to be bad?
  6. Enjoying the experience of my first iPhone!

  7. computiNATEor

    iPhone 4 Crashes with Flash Photos

    It does NOT die if I simply use the flashlight through Control Center.
  8. computiNATEor

    iPhone 4 Crashes with Flash Photos

    And I back up to cloud services (iCloud, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox) so that's not an issue.
  9. computiNATEor

    iPhone 4 Crashes with Flash Photos

    It is most definitely out of warranty.
  10. computiNATEor

    Best HD option for older MBP - SSD or Hybrid?

    I like the SanDisk Extreme II (Amazon link). I am thinking of purchasing it along with an OWC DataDoubler and Drive Slim to replace the optical drive in my 2009 MacBook Pro. I recommend going with a SATA III (6.0 Gbps) drive; though you won't see the fastest data rates possible, you will saturate your SATA II (3.0 Gpbs) connection. The Extreme IIs are highly recommended by Anandtech (recommended in their 2013 Gift Guide), and have great reviews on Amazon.
  11. computiNATEor

    iPhone 4 Crashes with Flash Photos

    Hey Maccast Community, I've noticed a problem with my newly-acquired iPhone 4 (AT&T, 16GB). Whenever I go to take a flash photo (by toggling the flash indicator to "On", almost without exception, the phone shuts down entirely. After a reboot, and second attempt, the phone often shows the low-charge screen. My first instinct was a bug in iOS 7.1, but now I'm thinking that the phone's battery needs replacement, especially when I realized that connecting the phone to power eliminated the issue. If that is indeed the case, would you recommend replacing the battery myself (I'm pretty handy, but would need to purchase a pentalobe screwdriver) or taking it to the Apple Store (5 minutes away)? Or is there a way I can fix the issue without a replacement? Thanks, Nate
  12. computiNATEor

    Using an off-contract Verizon iPhone 4 on a different account

    Ah, I forgot to mention that our cellular contract expired at the end of last year, and we have just kept our plan constant. Does this mean we won't need a data plan?
  13. I am currently stuck in the past with a 4th-gen iPod touch that runs slowly and won't run iOS 7, and a cheap Samsung "feature" (dumb) phone with a broken keyboard. I have a friend who has an iPhone 4 from Verizon (my carrier) whose contract has expired. They have no use for the phone, and have offered it to me. My question is whether or not I can have the iPhone unlocked, then replace my feature phone and iPod with the iPhone without changing my family's current cell phone plan (700 shared minutes, unlimited texts, no data for 4 people, all using feature phones). Will Verizon require a data plan to have an unlocked smartphone replace another phone on the plan? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Nate
  14. Can't wait to be able to use the MacCast community!