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  1. Secular Humorist

    Manual Backup

    You are correct, I'm a switcher (actually, I go both ways ). I'll check out how to mirror my hard drive. Does that require any additional software, or is it built-in to OSX? Thanks
  2. Secular Humorist

    Associating file extensions to applications

    OK, I figured it out by looking at some other posts. Right-click on the file and choose "Get Info". Then you can set the default application for opening files of that type in the file information box. Seems a roundabout way to do it, but it works.
  3. I recently installed TextWrangler for editing text files (.php, .asmx, .cs, etc), and I find it very useful. If I right-click on a text file and click 'Open Wth...', then choose TextWranger, it TextWrangler always opens that file when I double-click it. But if I double-click on another file with the same file extension, it opens with TextEdit - the Windows equivilent of Notepad. How do I configure it so that every time I click on a text file (.txt, .php, etc), it opens with TextWrangler? In the TextWrangler preferences, there doesn't seem to be an option that says "always open this file type with TextWranger". p.s. I love my Mac and from what I've seen of Vista it's a complete rip-off of OSX.
  4. Secular Humorist

    Manual Backup

    ... But since that's already under the Users's folder, it's already backed up. My only hope is that if I overwrite it with a backup, nothing bad will happen
  5. Secular Humorist

    Manual Backup

    I've been "manualy" backing up my mac for the last few months by simply dragging the "users" folder onto an external drive, and once the external drive starts to become full, I delete the oldest one and do the same thing again. The "users" folder contains the things that are most important to me: all my music, photos, and movies. My question is this: Aside from everthing under the "users" folder, is there anything critical that I'm missing? I'm relatively new to Macintosh, maybe this should have been in the "switchers" forum. Anyway, I don't really mind losing my apps because I can always re-install them. And looking on the bright side, having my Mac crash would be a good excuse to upgrade to the new version of iLife. I also use MS Office, but again - I have the original discs so re-installing isn't a problem. Any comments would be appreceated. Thanks