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  1. AJGrossman

    iPhone and Mac and Windows Outlook

    I'm finally considering upgrading from my Treo 650 to an iPhone. I currently use MarkSpace Missing Sync for Palm OS to sync my Treo with my Mac and PocketMirror to sync it with my work computer (running Windows XP). What are the best applications to use for syncing an iPhone with a Mac and MS Outlook on Windows XP so that I can continue to sync my device with both computers once I switch? Any recommendations? Any tips for things to keep in mind when I migrate? Thanks in advance for any and all help people can provide. best regards, Alex ajg19_at_cornell.edu
  2. Outlook in Windows supports recurring tasks, as does my Palm Treo running the Palm OS. However, when I sync with iCal, the tasks (called to do items in iCal) lose the data on their recurring nature. Is there anyway around this problem? Any help would be much appreciated. thanks, regards, Alex Grossman
  3. A friend of mine just got a Mac Mini and one of the questions or concerns he had was regarding firewalls, anti-spyware, anti-virus, etc. Aside from the firewall that comes built in to Mac OS X, are there good, reliable and inexpensive apps out there to recommend to him to address those concerns or should i advise him not to worry too much since he's on OS X? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Alex
  4. I want to stream music from my iTunes to friends of mine over the internet. I found one solution with an application called Nicecast (http://www.rogueamoeba.com/nicecast/) - however, after 20 minutes the demo adds noise to the signal and requires purchase to continue. Does anyone know of a free option to accomplish the same thing? Please let me know. thanks, regards Alex Grossman ajg19_at_cornell_dot_edu
  5. AJGrossman

    adding USB 2.0 to iMac G3

    i have an older iMac 500 MHz PowerPC G3 that my daughter uses - it has two USB 1.1 ports and two FireWire 400 ports - is there an easy way to add a USB 2.0 port to this machine so that it can connect to other devices (like non-Apple MP3 players?)? for example, is there something i can get to plug into one of the FireWire ports that will give me a USB 2.0 port? any advice would be much appreciated thanks, regards, Alex Grossman ajg19 at cornell.edu
  6. AJGrossman

    slow sync with iPod

    I'm wondering if nybody else is having this problem. I'm using iTunes 7 and a 60GB 5th gen iPod on my MacBook Pro. I've got abut 6300 tracks in my library stored on an external device. It used to sync fine and pretty speedy when I plugged the iPod in to update podcasts and so forth. However, lately when I plug in the iPod or do any kind of sync, it just pauses for a while (as in 5 minutes) then syncs. I checked the external device and it's not fragmented or something like that. Any suggestions? Is it a question of rebuilding the iTunes Library and iTunes Music Library.xml? Both of those files are 12MB. Any help so as to get back to speedy syncing would be much appreciated. thanks, Alex Grossman
  7. AJGrossman

    Moving your "Libraries"...

    Please let me know what you find out. My experience has been that things work fine. For example, when I use iMovie or iDVD, the apps find my iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums with no issue and allow me to import tracks and/or pictures for use in both with no problems. I don't use Keynote so I don't know if there are problems with that or not. I also don't know if there are problems down in the UNIX layer under OS X with the alias solution. But, to date, the alias solution has allowed me to store the files on an external FireWire drive, use iTunes and iPhoto, as well as apps that reference those programs and files like iMovie and iDVD. Look forward to hearing about what you find out.
  8. AJGrossman

    Moving your "Libraries"...

    While I'm sure both of the methods above work, I still just simply create an alias of the Music folder itself (not the iTunes folder inside it), place that inside my Home Folder and place the entire real Music folder on my external FireWire drive. I've done the same with my Pictures folder. This was as opposed to changing the folder location within the preferences within each app. In both cases, I've had no trouble whatsoever with iTunes or iPhoto working properly, no trouble with syncing to my iPod, etc. Hopefully this works for others and it's not just a question of me being lucky and encountering difficulties. regards, Alex Grossman
  9. AJGrossman


    This is a follow-up to episode 98 and 99 regarding remotely controlling a PC from my Mac (so as to help provide tech support for my parents). Since VNC client/viewer is built in to OS X (which will allow me to control another PC remotely), what would be a good VNC server to install on my parent's computers? Are there any that are good and free? Look forward to any help you can provide. thanks, Alex Grossman
  10. Here's an interesting problem I need help with. I have an iBook G4 running 10.4.2. The laptop did not come with bluetooth so I purchased a D-Link DBT-120 to plug into the USB port and get bluetooth functionality. I've had no trouble using it for things like syncing my cell phone, etc. Recently, Sprint enabled DUN (dial-up networking) functionality on their Treo 650s. So, I tried to make it work and could not connect/go online. I followed the directions someone posted online (http://vocaro.com/trevor/treo-dun/) and still no luck. I went to an Apple Store Genius Bar to get help and found out that, apparently, using a bluetooth modem (or DUN enabled bluetooth cell phone) to go online is only possible with built-in bluetooth. It will not work when the bluetooth is external - such as with the D-Link. I know it's not a Treo issue since I was able to use the Treo as a bluetooth modem with a laptop in the Apple store that had bluetooth built in. Any idea on how to get some kind of hack that will permit an external bluetooth to function as internal and so be able to use the Treo to go online when I'm away from a WiFi connection? Any help would be much appreciated. thanks, Alex Grossman