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  1. This is a Hardware/Software question. I have a PowerMac G5 and a PowerBook G4 with a broken Superdrive. I don't want to fix the superdrive right now, but I would like to do a clean install of OS X Tiger on the PowerBook. I'm wondering if anyone has tried to use target disk mode or some other option to perform the upgrade without putting the install disc in the actual machine begin upgraded. Any suggestion? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm setting up a production studio for a independently produced kids television show and I'm trying to find the best and most affordable hd tv's for our video editors to use for checking colors, etc. We are shooting in Compressed High Def. Is there and industry standard for tv used in video editing production? Also, can you also recommend a computer monitor for me. I'm looking at the Apple Cinema Displays vs. the The Dell™ UltraSharp™ 2407WFP. Any help is greatly appreciated. Check out the shows trailer here Yo Gabba Gabba
  3. kiddwnst

    should I move to Firefox

    have you tried using Uno to get rid of the brushed metal? i'm a diehard safari user because of the simple rss integration. i love looking at my bookmarks bar and seeing the number of updates on all of my feeds. of course i have firefox and camino and i think that the mouse gestures in opera are great but most of the time i stick with safari.
  4. kiddwnst

    I'm very happy with my Microsoft mouse

    with two or three mac mice lingering in the bottom drawer, including a mighty mouse, i could not be any happier than i am with my microsoft intellimouse explorer 4.0. perfect. now i just need a new keyboard, the adesso one i have in the picture is horrible for typing anthing longer than a url. it's like the keys are two inches deep in mud. any suggestions for a great quality, sensitive/soft key split keyboard? man, that 17" monitor is starting to look pretty small...
  5. kiddwnst

    What Can I Do With An Old iMac?

    so far the suggestions have been pretty good. does anyone know where i could find specific directions for some of these projects? especailly, the server/itunes box?
  6. Hey everyone, I have an old bondi blue iMac sitting in my garage and I was wondering what fun projects I could use it for. I need to pull it out and see what size hard drive it has, et al but I was thinking something along the lines of setting it up as a server/extra drive or maybe use it as part of a raid array. I don't really know much about these things, so I'm hoping to get some suggestions and maybe some instructions. I don't think I want to turn it into an aquarium just yet. Let me know what you think.
  7. kiddwnst

    Unresponsive USB port

    I've read somewhere that if you are having usb/firewire problems you can shut your mac down, unplug it for at least ten minutes, then start it up again. This should reset your usb/firewire settings and it should be back up to speed. Let us know if you try this and it works.
  8. Hi everyone, I've been amazed at how responsive the people on the maccast forum have been Thanks. I've got a question, I've been sucessfully converting my entire family to macs the last few years and one of the pc holdouts, my sister, is interesting in buying an iMac. She's on a pretty tight budget and would like a sub 1000$ system for surfing the web and for the kids to do their homework on. My question is should she buy a Refurbished mac? I know that they have the same warranty and applecare is available, but has anyone had any personal experience with Refurbished Products? Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. kiddwnst

    MacBook shutdown problem

    I just wanted to update everyone. To begin, I do not work for Apple or recieve anything from them for posting this in anyway. I am however, a very happy macgeek. I took my rss macbook to the Brea, Ca Apple store and POLITELY informed them that I was having random shutdowns. They took my macbook and my info and told me it might take as long as twelve days to do the repairs. They diagnosed the problem as an issue with the heat sink and they also told me that my macbook was eligable for a new keyboard and faceplate because of the discoloration issue. They were very forthcoming about both problems and were more than willing to help me out. So I left that day, it was Friday, planning on being book-less for at least a week, which kind of sucked because we were expecting our son to be born on Monday, and I would have liked to edit photos, etc. while she and my son were in the hospital. Lo and behold, when I checked my status on Saturday it said my repair was complete. I called to confirm this and they called back a few minutes later and told me to come pick it up, I'm talking less than twenty-four hours on the turn around. AWESOME. Because of the new keyboard I feel like I have a brand new rig, and no shut downs since. I'm seriously amazed by how great the Apple service was. All is well and I did manage to get some photos up on our site thanks to Apple and my MacBook. If anyone is interested, check out the pics at myburningeyes
  10. kiddwnst

    MacBook shutdown problem

    so i've had my macbook for about three months and tonight i had my first random shutdown. when i tried to power up it kept shutting off, five or six times. so here's my question, i didn't buy applecare when i first purchased my macbook, should i buy it right now, activate it, then take the macbook in if it has another random shutdown? what do you guys think? also, i bought a marware cover for the palmrest right when i bought the macbook but in the little gap where the top comes down, it's starting to get pretty brown, should i push for the discoloration issue as well? thanks.
  11. kiddwnst

    Weird System Preferences Pane

    hey TS, sorry about the delayed response. this happened on my MacBook 2 Ghz running OS X 10.4.7. I've come the conclusion that it must be the result of my habit of downloading every single beta that looks the least bit interesting to me. what is strange though is that my intel iMac 2 ghz which is running the same OS and which is exposed to the same apps didn't get the weird pane. oh, it might also be one of the keyboard, mouse drivers that i'm forced to use because apple doesn't make a ergo keyboard or a decent mouse.
  12. kiddwnst

    iTunes 7 Breaks Front Row

    1:40 front row update fixed it. that's what i call response!
  13. kiddwnst

    New iPods are a dissappointment?

    games! search! i'm stoked about the new shuffle, i'm going to get one for skateboarding. the color nanos look nice. i guess i just had lower expectations.
  14. so like the macgeek that i am, i installed itunes 7 within minutes of it being available and i'm having some problems. first of all, tv shows that i bought off of the last version of itunes and authorized on my macbook do not show up in front row's tv shows sections. second, and this really bothers me, more than half of my video podcasts no longer show up in the video podcast section of front row. including dltv, various skateboard podcasts and command n. i only watch these shows via front row because i don't want to have to resize the window. i did notice however that there is now a fullscreen keyboard shortcut in the view section of itunes, still, there is nothing more annoying about having your excitement shot down by bugs so quickly.
  15. kiddwnst

    Weird System Preferences Pane

    Looks good...