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  1. macman

    25% off Web Hosting

    You can get a 25% discount on all web hosting/domain plans at icdsoft.com by using the following link: http://www.icdsoft.com/promo-code/maccast plans start at $54 with the 25% discount enjoy!
  2. I just got a broken powermac G4 from a friend. It turns out the only problem was the power supply, unfortunately, a new power supply costs $200 (cheap, I've seen some for up to $400). So I am selling all parts except RAM, HDD, and Case (I have an awesome idea for the case ). The powermac was purchased sometime in 2004, with the lowest speed available (how would I go about finding out how fast it is?). It is the one with the mirrored drive doors on the front. I have the following (if there's something I left out that is a component in the powermac, please say something, I just pulled parts out of it): Heat sink combo drive w/ or w/o rack/housing apple-supplied graphics card (where monitors are plugged in, DVI) front panel board w/ cable internal speaker 3 ATA cables (2 short, 1 long) 2 HDD racks/holders (2 drives per rack/holder) 2 small fans I got the logic board off, but it's fried, oh well. The power supply is crap, that's the broken part. If you have any questions, like part #'s or something, post them here, or contact me directly. If you are interested, or have questions, email me at will15@jwireland.com pics will be up soon, at http://will.jwireland.com/powermac
  3. hi, I have recently been having trouble buying stuff on itunes, it says my AOL password is wrong, but I can use AIM/ichat without trouble. It's happened twice in the past month, the first time, it worked fine the next day, and now it happened again, and it's REALLY annoying. If no one knows what the problem is, what show # was the one phone support for itunes tip in? thanks in advance, Will
  4. macman


    you can just search for it with spotlight and click show all, then just drag it to the dock
  5. macman

    second life

    I just signed up for a secondlife accound and found some different apple related places. Apple Store 5th Avenue: you can watch the latest apple announcment coordinates: Sokri 230 82 71 itunes radio store, different itunes related stuff maybe you could buy some land and make other things to add to this list! to get an account click here once you sign up you can go to these two places (maybe more )
  6. macman

    imovie won't see an external isight

    none of that worked, if I can't get it to work is there any video capturing software that I could use other than quicktime broadcaster (I don't like it). but I would really like to be able to use imovie because that is what I'll be using it for and it would be great if I could record straight into imovie.
  7. I just got an isight camera from my friend because he got a new imac with the built-in camera. so I get really exited, i get home and plug it in, ichat opens and it installed the isight update and it started working with ichat (my dad says i can't video chat online) so look around online and find I can use it with imovie 4 (which i have). so i open imovie and go to the camera import section and find it says "no camera connected" so i look around some more and find the isight only works with one app at a time so I quit ichat and try again and get the same thing. I have an imac g4 bubble/igloo and mac os 10.4.5 don't know what's happening but i want help thanks in advance
  8. macman

    currupt photos

    I have a big problem, my family has a digital camera that we use to take family photos with. when the card gets full, we put them on the computer. they get put in Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/photos/. I have put many but not all of these photos in iPhoto. lately select photos have started to become currupt for no apparent reason. luckily i have some of the photos in iPhoto so i go through and find the currupt files in iphoto and replace them. but I don't have all the currupt files in iphoto so i have been forced to delete them. I don't know why this is happening but i thought the maccast might be able to help. thanks in advance
  9. it will move everything to the external drive, in the iTunes folder there are some other files there too, these hold things like playlists, ratings and a complete list of everything in your iTunes library (don't open them though, its stuff only iTunes understands). once you've connected the drive to your mac mini, you should delete the itunes folder that is for the mac mini itunes (asuming its an empty library). then make an alias with the same name as the folder you just deleted and point it to the itunes folder on your external drive. you should then either quit itunes, log out or restart (i'm not sure which one will reset itunes). i haven't tried my own suggestion but it sounds logical. hope that helps will
  10. I would suggest connecting the external hard drive to your g5 and use apples instructions and then connect the drive to the mac mini
  11. I have had omnipage SE for a while but have just started to use it now. I tried to scan something into omnipage and came up with the error "can't read "Untitled" please make sure the file exists and you have access to it". Then if you keep trying it increases the number after Untitled. EX: untitled1 untitled 2 untitled3 etc. I then tried it on my dads account (admin) and it worked fine. so then I thought it was a permissions problem but then I made myself an administrator in sys preferences. it was the same. I tried it on another account, it didn't work. So I went to spotlight on my dads account and found no "Untitled" file used by omnipage, I don't know what is going on but maybe someone else does. please help
  12. macman

    Podcast Construction

    I would try putting the pp slide jpegs into imovie and record audio in garageband. then import the audio. it might be tedious but it might work.
  13. macman

    problems after running widget killer

    that didn't work, I still can't see the time and spotlight and stuff
  14. hi i just decided to try widget killer and after i ran it, all the buttons and time disappeared from the top right corner, so i logged out and back in again and it still didn't show up. please help!!!!
  15. macman

    ichat won't start!

    i'm using the version of ichat that came with 10.4.3, I don't know what version that is. i've tried running it on a different standard account and it doesn't work