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    Reinstalling OS

    Hey guys, need your help on this one big time. So, I wanted to re-partition my hard drive. (I want to dual boot OS X and Linux, which is easy enough. Anyways...) What I did was backup everything (twice, actually) and threw in my OS 10.4 Upgrade DVD. I used Disk Utility to erase and re-partition the drive, they continued with the installation. I had forgotten that this disc was an Upgrade disc, and that I needed to have 10.3 installed in order to upgrade. So, I pulled out my 10.3 CD, threw it in the computer, and tried to start up. When starting up, I see the grey-on-grey Apple logo, shortly followed by a small circle with a slash through it, telling me something is the matter. Now, from what information I found on a forum somewhere online, this logo means that the install CD can't find a disk with the appropriate files to install the disk on (all of the OS files, I'm assuming). Can anybody see a way to fix this? I have a few resources available to me for file transfering and stuff. Right now I'm running Linux off of a live CD, so I'm slightly able to get to my computer. I have an external USB drive and an iPod to use, so I'm thinking maybe I can install the OS on one of those drives (using someone else's Mac) and then boot off of the drive, and try installing to the blank hard drive. What do you think? Thanks for the help....
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    Podcasts & Smartplaylists in iTunes 5

    Yup, this is true. I never got why Apple did this. All other songs only increase the play count when you listen to the entire thing, so why not podcasts? However, sometimes I do find this as handy. For example, I usually do not listen to the music at the end of the MacCast. However, if Apple managed podcasts the same way as other songs, after I was done with the MacCast, and I skipped the music, it would still be marked as unplayed. I don't know which method I would rather have...
  3. red5230

    External Hard Drive Enclosure

    yeah, Fry's has some pretty impressive deals sometimes, that are just unmatched elsewhere. I also got a Belken router for $6 once. Of course, they're all more money, but after the mail-in rebates, they are great prices, and I've never had a problem with Fry's mail-in rebates.
  4. red5230

    iTunes as slow as molasses

    Hahahahaha. Cool. gotta love the Percocet...
  5. red5230

    PowerBook upgrade at Paris Expo?

    oh, well, that's dissapointing...
  6. red5230

    External Hard Drive Enclosure

    adam, I got this one. It was at Fry's, where I also got my Seagate 160gb HD.
  7. red5230


    Yeah, don't iPods not ship with wall adapters any more? I mean, I have one from my old iPod, but what are users supposed to do who DONT have the adapter?
  8. red5230

    iTunes as slow as molasses

    Yeah, this is unfortunate, but I've noticed it in iPhoto too. Oh, and thanks adam. I just had my wisdom teeth out yesterday, so maybe that has something to do with it? Well, considering last time I posted all that good info, I was half asleep due to the drugs....
  9. red5230

    Podcasts & Smartplaylists in iTunes 5

    I kinda see what you're saying, Steamboatwillie, but I think the others are right. The podcast preferences override the smart playlist preferences, and so that's why they are not showing up. In order to achieve the effect you are trying to get, there is a setting in iTunes that is "Only Sync Unplayed Podcasts". Then, just create a smart playlists for all podcasts on the iPod, and it should accomplish what you're trying to do. Once you play the podcast, and sync your computer again, it is removed from your iPod.
  10. red5230

    iTunes as slow as molasses

    You mention that all the music is being stored on the USB 2.0 drive... maybe iTunes is having speed issues with all of the information on the USB drive, because it's a slow connection. If you try mTorbin's Unofficial Space Saver Method, I'm pretty sure the data files that store all of the iTunes information on your internal HD and the actual MP3 files on the USB drive. This way, when you're getting info, or something like that, instead of iTunes accessing and reading from the external drive, it's doing it internally, which might speed things up a little. Just a thought...
  11. red5230

    External Hard Drive Enclosure

    To go back to the original topic, I just went for the cheapest enclosure I could find. I ended up getting a USB 2.0 only case for only $20. Yeah, it's not as fast as Firewire, and yeah it might also become obsolete sometime soon, but it was only $20. Plus, one of the best features it has is extra USB ports, to make it into a hub. When I plug the one USB cable into my iBook, I get my External HD, my digital camera and my iPod plugged in, all at once. I think it's just completely up to what you want in a case.
  12. red5230

    PowerBook upgrade at Paris Expo?

    so, yeah, the only thing annouced today was the .Mac upgrades, but did anyone ever figure out what the hell was under that black sheet? They have a counter and a poster covered up. Did they just cover some existing computers for no reason, and do they really have a big poster just for .Mac upgrades? I've seen no mention of any answer to this at all...
  13. Yeah, I agree with the professor. I very rarely do photo manipulation, and the simple things I do in iPhoto (which I'm getting more and more fed up with, of late), and the complex stuff I do in Photoshop. However, the graphics program I use the most is Fireworks, which I do all my stuff for web and application design in. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking to do, but it's pretty handy.
  14. red5230

    mail can't send mail

    Yes, that's true, you don't need an invite, you just need a Google Account, which you can get here. For some reason, current users still have invites to give out, and i still have a bunch (as well as a ton of others on this forum do). If you want me to send one (or ten), let me know, but you shouldn't need them.
  15. red5230

    id3 tags

    No, it looks like for now the only information that is allowed (for songs) is the Artist and Title. I knew that they added a lyrics tab to iTunes 5.0, but I never saw anywhere that it's available on iPods. Maybe they are on the Nano, but I seriously doubt about any others, since there hasn't been a firmware update since 5.0.
  16. Try doing this... right-click / control-click on the song in iTunes, and there should be an option like "Reveal in Finder" or "Show Song File" or something like that (I'm doing this from memory).... That should show you where the song is located in the Finder, and hopefully that might clear something up. PS: Don't worry about it. You've got Weezer to enjoy. Heard the new album Make Believe yet? I really like it, despite what other's say...
  17. red5230

    trouble upgrading firmware

    You might want to try starting your iPod from brand new... You can use iPod Software to Restore, but since it sounds like that is being flakey on you, I would use Disk Utility to completely erase the iPod. Then run the iPod Software, and it should detect the iPod with no firmware on it. This would, hopefully, get rid of all traces of 2.2 and you would be okay. If you decide to do this, be cautious, and good luck...
  18. red5230

    What is your favorite Software?

    Kicks its ass, and getting better all the time. Yup, used Adium for years, its amazing.
  19. red5230

    How to properly value a used mac

    Yeah, from reading all the issues you've been having, I would be really frustrated too. Fortunately, I got lucky and the Wells Fargo banking site that I use works just fine on Macs and PCs. Oh, and I also understand the iPhoto issue. I have a ton (not as many as you, though) pictures, and as my library grows, iPhoto becomes less and less reliable. It's a problem that many people are starting to have. Well, I'm really glad you gave it an honest shot, but I think you're right in switching back. Oh, and don't worry, I love Mail too...
  20. red5230

    I think Longhorn Vista will be insanely great.

    I heard that too... I think that I heard it was because of all the gloomy weather...
  21. red5230

    Backup software...Sort of.

    I find the iPod to be a great way to do this, because it basically is "a big USB drive". I move numerous 700mb avi movies to a friends PC this way. I also store a backup of my Cocoa program on the iPod, just in case I lose the copy on my computer, the numerous backups on my computer and the backup on my external firewire drive. Yeah...
  22. red5230

    Panther on a G3 iMac Strawberry

    in order to install any version of OS X, you have to be booted from the CD. you can start it up in 9.2.2, and open the installer on the CD, but I'm almost positive that it will just say "Click here to restart the computer and run the installer", which is the same as starting up and hitting C. On another note, I think the installation will be alright. If I were you, I would remove the old operating system and install completely fresh (that is, if you do not need any of your old applications). Be sure to back up all your files, important data and whatnot, and when running the installer from the CD, choose "Clean Install". I think this will guarantee that things start up running smoothly when you install the new system, and that there are no conflicts with 9.2.2. Just a thought...
  23. ahem. excuse me. Microsoft would like them to be referred to as blogcasts from now on. 'postcasts' indirectly refers to the competitions product. did you not get the memo? watch out, they'll hunt you down... ramtha, you make some very good points here. i agree with just about everything you have to say, and it really gets me frustrated too when I see blatant copies of Apple developed features. i didn't see the videos you spoke of, but when you mentioned that they go "look! even shift slows it down!", i mean, jesus christ, how obvious can they make it? that just got my goat....
  24. red5230

    mini ram upgrade

    If you take a look at this article from MacWorld they take apart the Mac Mini and show where the RAM is. It's not an exact RAM tutorial, but it should be sufficient enough to help you out. It has a picture and says this: "Along the left-hand side of the mini’s body is the single RAM slot. If you don’t have the internal Bluetooth module installed, upgrading your RAM is as simple as popping out the existing DIMM (unfortunately, you lose it in the upgrade) and plopping a new one in its place." Hope that helps...
  25. red5230

    How to properly value a used mac

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! why? just curious...