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    Terminal checkin

    It's just a way to be able to run Unix commands and work with your computer at a more technical level. And for fun!!!!! Try ls (list files of the directory you're in) or cd (change directory).
  2. red5230

    [VINTAGE GAME SEARCH] Mini Golf Games?

    Here are a few that I found after a quick MacUpdate search: http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/16660 http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/17805 http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/14527 http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/14545 http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/10000 They're all shareware... I didn't check if they're OS X or not, though... hope this helps...
  3. red5230

    linux on ipod

    yeah, they're not supported... i think that all that means is that if someone who doesn't know what theyre doing loads it on their iPod, and asks them for help, they wont help. oh, and they're also not liable for damages on unsupported hardware that way, too. its okay, chances are I'll be able to figure it out on my own without their help...
  4. red5230

    Energy Saver

    What I would do is, instead of having the computer sleep after 30 minutes, just have the monitor dim instead. The computer doesn't go to sleep, but it will look like it, and use up less resources and stuff. You can also select "Put Hard Disk to sleep when possible" and that should help too. This is all kinda like sleeping, but not exactly, and you shouldn't lose your connection.... If you want to SLEEP sleep, I don't think there is a way around it. When you put the computer to sleep, everything disconnects, including external USB and Firewire drives. And there's just no way around it, I think...
  5. red5230

    linux on ipod

    by 4g I mean't fourth generation. I just have one iPod.... yeah, that's kinda what I figured. I don't think I'd be doing anything in iPod Linux that would overload the iPod HD. I'll have to give it a try then... and i know you stole that caveman joke from the Geico commercials...
  6. red5230

    Adding Firewire and USB Ports to my G5

    go for coolness factor! http://pressuredropinc.com/products/bdpape...erhub_index.php i saw it at MacWorld, and i thought it was a pretty clever idea...
  7. red5230

    linux on ipod

    VICTORY! mTorbin has given in!!! that means that i should try it sometime... i just haven't gotten the chance yet.... I've got a 4g iPod 20gb Color, but I think I'll still give it a shot anyways... do you really think that it could do permanent damage to the iPod? enough to worry about the warranty and about getting it replaced? like i said before, i figured that, at the worst, I'd have to erase the HD in the iPod and reload the iPod software from apple. what do you think mTorbin?
  8. red5230

    Nano protective case

    hahahahahaha... its true. way to tell the advertiser jorellh.
  9. red5230

    remove unwanted item from folder menu

    you forgot the POOF! action! that's the most important part!
  10. red5230

    Bill Gates.. this is FUNNY!!

    that's it! thanks Allen.... take a look at MacWorld 2005 after that... i don't know exactly when it is, but Jobs completely insults them...
  11. red5230

    iTunes 5... Where's the sharing?

    I'm just grabbing at straws here, but are the other computers running Version 5 as well? Maybe iTunes 5 wont play along with 4.x, and that's why they're not showing up.... I'm not sure, just a thought....
  12. red5230

    programs unexpectantly quitting

    If you think the old preferences and plist file are the problem, have you tried just deleting it? Get rid of the bad DVD Studio Pro plist file, start up the program and see if it works.... just a thought...
  13. red5230

    Bill Gates.. this is FUNNY!!

    This happened to them again, even more recently. I think it was for debuting Longhorn, but I can't remember... But it took him awhile to get everything running again... maybe one or two minutes... Then, two weeks later was the MacWorld Keynote by Steve Jobs, and his computer froze, too. However, Jobs just switched to another computer quickly (about 2 seconds) and gracefully, and said "yeah, that's why we have backups" (a complete jab at Microsoft and Gates), and the entire audience laughed and aplauded. Oh man, it was great...
  14. red5230

    Copy HD to new HD

    I haven't tried this myself, but I heard one or two people use it and it worked allright for them... it seems like a simple alternative to the programs you mentioned, and a cheaper alternative to something like Retrospect....
  15. red5230

    I think Longhorn Vista will be insanely great.

    yeah, I know, I was too... yeah, that's a really good point. just like all of you guys, I don't get why you wouldn't put the effort into typing cleanly and correctly. the furthest I let myself is no capital letters, but that's about it. plus, in this age of the Computer, doesn't EVERYBODY know how to touch type using QWERTY? even in the dark, it shouldn't be that bad... holy crap, i know. my 17 year old sister is ridiculous...
  16. red5230

    Mail problem

    Are you using any 3rd party software that uses Mail? I had a program once that displayed how many unread emails I had in my toolbar, and if Mail was not open, it would automatically open it. If you have a program like this, or maybe a dashboard widget that does the same, and it tries to check every 5 seconds, it could be reopening the program...
  17. Yeah, you can... just connect to the computer that has the cd in the drive. When you get the screen that asks which partition or which user to connect to, the CD should be there, and you should be able to mount it on your desktop. I used to do this when playing multiplayer Starcraft while I only had one cd...
  18. red5230

    BIG Question - nano or shuffle

    hahaha.... that's the best one sentence story i've ever heard. sorry about the iPod....
  19. red5230

    linux on ipod

    uhh... your iPod stops working? like i said, if it really does mess everything up, just use Apple's iPod Software to erase the iPod and reload everything. it'll take a little bit of time, but that's not so bad....
  20. red5230

    I think Longhorn Vista will be insanely great.

    hey... as an 18 year old, i resent being associated with the bad typing skills of Punk Mac Geek. (they're so horrible!) us kids are young, but we've got stuff to contribute.... plus, we're bored...
  21. red5230

    What is your favorite Software?

    ahhh... that's a much better question.... i could advertise for myself and say Assignment Planner, but it's not crucial.... I would have to say Handbrake. I love watching movies on my computer while I work, and it helps me to make MPEGs of all my movies. actually... Dreamweaver would make more sense, since it's what I use for web design, but I don't really like using it that much, it's more that I just have to.
  22. red5230

    Play Videos In ipod!!! Yes You Can

    right where SoulMiner said... http://www.videolan.org/ man, you ARE having a monday morning....
  23. red5230

    linux on ipod

    just fun factor, basically. there's a lot more than games, but it's basically just to see how far they can stretch the useage of the iPod.
  24. red5230

    palm desktop

    yeah, that's kinda what i figured...