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  1. red5230

    Ipod Nano?!

    Yeah, I stopped by Apple Store Belmont last Friday after work to take a look. I was amazed at how small it was. They were also out of the 4gb, but had plenty of 2gb in stock.
  2. red5230

    itunes 5 & new mac

    yeah, I found a couple programs that do this on MacUpdate and tried them out the first day I got Tiger. some are better than others, but it all gets it looking correctly. it just kinda bugged me that Apple completely ignored the design guidelines, wether they're attractive looking or not...
  3. red5230

    The 'Get Adam an iPod Nano' fund ... !

    yeah, I bet he would. Adam doesn't seem like the selfish type, and if he didn't really want or need a Nano, he wouldn't get one, and he definitely wouldn't take users money for it. i agree though in that he definitely deserves one!
  4. red5230

    What is your favorite Software?

    yeah, I'd have to agree. ton's of other applications would be pointless without access to the internet. however, if this were a real situation (in today's world), I would have to kill myself. life without all my apps would SUCK.
  5. red5230

    Play Videos In ipod!!! Yes You Can

    yeah, i agree with you there. i still use QT for mpeg files and whatnot, but for everything else I use VLC. (except wmp files... i never got them to work in vlc for some reason...)
  6. i think a few people actually created an iPod Advertisements playlist on the iTMS. i remember seeing it there awhile ago, but i dont know if its still there...
  7. red5230

    Recurring tasks

    im just curious, but what do you think needs to be tighter? you can easily type Address Book names in Mail fields to send off emails. iCal can also easily use Mail to send out alarm notifications and stuff like that. what are more features that you would like?
  8. red5230

    palm desktop

    or just use you're new one. sync info from PC to Palm, then from Palm to Mac. it doesn't really have to be someone else's... not sure why mTorbin went that way...
  9. red5230

    linux on ipod

    i think he's referring to the iPodLinux project. it seems pretty cool, but not something crucial of course... just a fun little thing to play around with. i was gonna do it sometime when im really bored, but i (and others) need to be careful if their iPods aren't supported.
  10. red5230

    The 'Get Adam an iPod Nano' fund ... !

    does adam want an iPod Nano?
  11. red5230


    i've got the 4g Color Screen 20gb here. i love it.
  12. i'm sure somebody will release a skin/hack at some point... just like with Tiger Mail...
  13. red5230

    itunes 5 & new mac

    what really sucks is that this isn't true. it's one of the things that I hate about the blue pill look of Mail in Tiger. where the hell did it come from? why only Mail? I'm glad that Apple has a nice user interface put together, and some really good guidelines for 3rd party developers (such as myself), but sometimes I just don't get what the hell they're doing when it comes to Mail and iTunes, and why they don't just look the same as everything else.
  14. red5230

    Recurring tasks

    I've basically done this same thing with iCal, but to remind me to pay my credit card at the first of every month. I just set a reoccuring iCal event to go off on the 1st of each month, and just continue on forever. I think this might be the closest you'll get to what it sounds like you're trying to do...
  15. just one quick note... i feel bad for your CS experience. I'm at the University of California, Davis doing CS, and everything is totally mac compatable. all the computers in the CS building are running Linux, and as long as our programs compile and run on the linux machines, we're okay. they suggested to all the students that they instal linux on their computers, and dual boot with Windows. however, i was well prepared, because i basically already had Unix on my iBook. i was able to write all my programs using terminal (I didn't know how to use XCode yet, but now I do, so I'm looking forward to the next classes) and I could SFTP my files to turn them in. in contrary to most of the students in my CS classes, I never had to go to the CS building late at nights to make sure my programs compiled on the machines, I just knew it would work. all in all, I'm sorry to hear about this problem you are having, and wish you better luck in the future.
  16. red5230

    Safari window bar

    holy crap! that's a great one that I'd never heard of before... great job...
  17. red5230

    Gimp Crashes to much

    hell yeah! sound's like a plan to me. or... just use Graphic Converter...
  18. It's not, really. These are just folders with Application aliases, so you can divide your Apps into categories...
  19. i read something about former Quicktime Pro users not being able to use their current Registration Codes. However, I just installed the update, and Pro worked fine for me. Anybody know what this was about?
  20. red5230

    Nano on the Firewire support

    Yeah, I would feel exactly the same way, too, if it were an everyday thing. However, this lengthy time should only be the first time you sync your iPod. Every other time after that would be pretty quick, whether it's Firewire or USB. Maybe like driving 5 hours in a Pinto to pick up your brand new Ferrari.
  21. red5230

    nano autofill?

    in fact, they should make this an option for all iPods now. even if someone has a 20gb, they might have 40gb of songs, and want to auto-fill it sometimes (if they get bored). it should work that way....
  22. red5230

    Nano on the Firewire support

    Thanks Torbin. I forgot this friendly reminder. But it is very, very important. Pie does not mix with electronics. Just take a look at the warning label on the side of the package. PS: Of course it has to be Apple Pie, like you mentioned. It's a pun, but it works.
  23. red5230

    Ipod and Calander

    Are you talking about the timed alarm, because this is different from the iCal alarm events.
  24. red5230

    Nano on the Firewire support

    Plus, it should only take a long time the first time you sync. So let it! Just set it up, and let it do its thing for 4 or 5 hours. Eat a pie! Enjoy life! Then, come back, and it'll be all set. The next time you have to sync it, it should only be 1 or 2 cds at most, right? That'll just take a few seconds, whether USB or Firewire. It doesn't seem like that huge of a deal to me... especially not something to deter you from buying a product that seems pretty amazing otherwise.
  25. I've heard this already! It's..... wait, nobody likes that guy? actually... this is a great trick. I have all my apps in the dock like a normal user, but on the right side of the divider i have my home folder, my work folder, and my school folder, all really easily accesible. it's a great tip. ps: we should get you some official stuff Torbin. everything you present is so unofficial... when I do them I feel like I'm in some sort of Mac cult that nobody is allowed to know about....