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    ipod error

    If you just use the iPod Software that comes with the iPod or can be downloaded off of the Apple website, there is no neet to use Disk Utility to reformat the iPod. The iPod software will automatically erase the iPod, and you shouldn't have to worry about it. If, however, you are still having problems, then using Disk Utility (or the windows equivalent) isn't a bad idea.
  2. red5230

    big release tomorrow!!!???

    oooohhhh.... New Music Tuesday, as they like to call it... in the emails... right, I forgot about that... thanks for the clarification. I've got my fingers crossed for tomorrow. should be pretty exciting, whatever it is.
  3. red5230

    Let me see your Mac!

    well, here's fifty bucks... i think that's pretty cheap considering they're pretty much collectors items now.... it's from (i think) 2 macworlds ago, so it is probly pretty tough to get them otherwise... they also have some think different posters here, but, as you say, some of them are very expensive, since theyre even more rare...
  4. red5230

    big release tomorrow!!!???

    what do you mean "iTunes didn't update"?
  5. red5230

    Strange call with Apple Support

    Nick Burns: Your Company's Computer Guy!
  6. red5230

    Let me see your Mac!

    I have that same poster! I was so pissed at this year's MacWorld SF, because they didn't have any posters, when they could have had them for BOTH the Mac Mini and Shuffle (being the new products from that expo). Before the Expo, I cleared a space on my wall for the poster, making a huge and completely noticeable hole, and it was so depressing when I had nothing to fill it up with.
  7. red5230

    Software for a Dock Icon 'Spacer' ?

    you could always have some fake app or folder with a clear icon, and put that in there. it would be an ugly fix, but it might work.
  8. red5230

    Suggestions for posting with formatting

    yeah, i noticed this too. I never really cared, and I just got used to writing them manually, but yeah. I'm sure it has to do with how PHPBB is coded, and there's nothing really that Adam or anyone could do, except for the people over at PHPBB seeing about fixing the code to be Mac compatable.
  9. red5230

    iTunes & iPod problem! Pulling hair out!

    I would try reformatting the iPod. Recently, my iPod was being screwy in that the album art was the same for every single song, and a lot of songs wouldn't play, even though they did before. I just reformatted, and everything is fine now. This might help the problem of it transfering playlists correctly. Sometimes weird applications are using the iPod when it is plugged in. My antivirus software always scans new drives, but there isn't any window that displays this, it's running in the background. If it's still scanning the iPod drive when I try to eject it, it will give the same message saying it's in use. Try turning off iPod Disk Mode in the iTunes preferences, and when you quit iTunes, it might eject it. Just some thoughts...
  10. A few people were talking in the forums here about a way to do this, and I think the work around they found was purchasing a Japanese iTMS Gift Card. I'm not sure how or where you would get one (I think they also said some online store would sell them internationally), but that might work for you.
  11. red5230


    sorry to ruin the fun, but wouldn't you need the 5 people to be new .Mac customers, not people renewing the subscription?
  12. red5230

    Mail App: Annoying Main Window

    This opening of the main window is normal behavior for most Apple applications. When you actually click on the dock icon, if the main window of the program isn't open, the application will open it. The same happens for Safari; if a browser window isn't open when you click the icon in the dock, a new empty browser window will open. I use command-tab all of the time, and, when doing this, it wont open a new blank window. I like the idea of having a dock click open the new window, but I can understand how it would get frustrating if you want to view the previous window...
  13. red5230

    I need some software developped

    I can offer my program Assignment Planner. It is a program to help you to keep track of all of your homework assignments at school, and you can use it for other school-related things as well. I've actually spent this summer rewriting it in Cocoa, and I plan to release it within the next week or two. If you want me to email you a copy of the Cocoa beta release, send me a PM or email, and I'll send it on over. I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but maybe it will help.
  14. red5230

    Paris Expo 2005

    not any more..... damn... well, we've still got that Music thing in San Francisco tomorrow...
  15. red5230

    what does mac geek apprentice mean

    It's based on number of posts. Check out this thread where it was discussed. New Mac Geek 0 posts Mac Geek In Training 10 posts Mac Geek Apprentice 25 posts Mac Geek 50 posts Uber Mac Geek 100 posts Supreme Mac Geek 250 posts Mac Geek God 500 posts Adam is King Mac Geek.
  16. red5230

    Scheduling Applications to run in Tiger

    Applescript might be able to do this for you, but I don't know a lot about this... just a suggestion... I actually could write a small Cocoa program to do this... send me a PM and I could actually give it a try this weekend, if you don't find any other alternative.
  17. red5230

    what browser do you use?

    yeah, I know what you mean... I actually have all of the listed browsers on my computer, and use them if I need something that isn't working in Safari... also, when doing web design, I check all the browsers to make sure nothing in screwy in any specific browser...
  18. I remember Adam saying that it takes a couple of days for your Podcast to show up on iTunes, so maybe the link doesn't yet work correctly... this is just a shot in the dark, though, since I have no idea about producing podcasts...
  19. red5230

    widget plist??

    ~/Library/Preferences/ are where all your application plist files are stored. They're stored by the domain name of the company who creates the application, for exampe: com.apple.Safari.plist . I believe that widgets actually start with widget-com, kinda like widget-com.apple.WhateverWidget.plist. All of them should be in there...
  20. red5230

    expose problem

    Oooh, good point. Maybe the reason it goes away after a few seconds is the keyboard thinks it is pushed down still. It's worth seeing if this is the problem...
  21. red5230

    Rearranging keys

    Yeah, this is one of the best new tricks in Tiger. I just start typing "Login Items", hit enter, and it takes me straight to the Accounts panel. It's great.
  22. red5230

    what browser do you use?

    Camino - Mozilla power, Mac style. They just released 0.8.4, so it looks like they're still around. Their idea is to have a Mac-native Mozilla browser, built with the GUI as a priority. Firefox wouldn't really do that, since it's cross platform.
  23. red5230

    what browser do you use?

    Technically, isn't Camino a Mozilla browser? That one's on the list...
  24. red5230

    Paris Expo 2005

    No, 10.2 was Jaguar, Leopard is 10.5 that's already been announced.
  25. red5230

    Regarding OS X on Intel speed

    hahahah... that is a clever one...