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    Windows to Mac

    If the broadband internet uses an ethernet cord for output, you can use wireless internet. You just plug the ethernet cord from the source (for example, I have a cable modem) into the wireless base station, and you're good to go. It doesn't matter what card is in the Mac Mini, just that the source and the base station work together.
  2. red5230

    Windows to Mac

    Do you mean AirPort Extreme card? Express is the tiny little Airport that is a base station, where as the Extreme is a more up to date version of both the base station and the card. I assume you have the Extreme card in your computer, and you want to know if it will work with any base station.... Yeah, I'm sure Apple is pretty good compatability-wise. I've used my AirPort Extreme card in my iBook with big name brands (like Belkin and Netgear) and smaller, lesser-known name brands. I've never had a problem connection to a wireless network, and, at that price, if it doesn't work, it's not some big investment that's gone sour, it's only a couple of bucks.
  3. red5230

    need a iBook G3 Clamshell any color except orange

    CraigsList? I got one of the old blue CRT Monitors for $80, and it works like a charm. You might see what you can find there, but it kinda depends where you live. I'm in the S.F. Bay Area (where CragsList started) and it's huge here, with tons of availability. However, other places might be a little more scarce... it's worth a try though...
  4. red5230

    Back up help

    I use Retrospect for doing my backups, and it works really well. The other (read: free) solution is to create a .dmg file of your current Hard Drive using Apple's Disk Utility. Then, when you get the computer back, you can do a Restore from DMG File (also using Disk Utility). Also, my view (as I've stated before) on external Hard Drives is to buy an internal and a seperate case. You can choose either USB or Firewire case, of course, and I just went with USB because it's cheaper. It's really up to you though.
  5. red5230

    Windows "Longhorn" named Windows Vista

    It's hard to trust a man in a bathtub...
  6. red5230

    Internet Font Problem

    this shouldn't affect the Bold or All Caps, though.
  7. red5230

    Sync with a shared library.

    haha... "intent" was the world you were looking for, I think....
  8. red5230

    OS X Tips

    Yeah, I noticed the Red Button thing myself, too. However, I didn't know about this YubNub thing.... It's pretty cool...
  9. red5230

    iPod backup freeware?

    How did you get the playlists made on your iPod? With iTunes? Then, shouldn't they already be on your computer? Anyways... I don't think that Senuti can copy your playlists over, just your MP3s... I found another program that imports songs from iPod to computer (there are a ton of them out there) called iPodRip, and it looks like this one does support playlist importing... hopefully this will help you out.
  10. red5230

    Close Button bug - 30 Aug show

    As I programmer, I could kind of understand how hard this would be. Of course it completely depends on how they program it, but the easiest way to tell if the document needed saving would be to just find when the document changes, whether it's undone or not. But if TextEdit can do it, then obviously it can be done, and I agree, it's just poor programming on Microsoft's part. Now, have you used Apple's XCode? If you open a document, make some changes, save it, make another group of changes, and then begin to hit undo a bunch of times, when you undo enough and get back to the latest saved version, a dialog comes up that says "This is the state at which you last saved this document. Are you sure you want to undo?" Pretty handy...
  11. hmmmm... that's a good question... I'm actually at work right now, on a PC, so I can't test it for you know... I'll give it a try when I get home. However, I have a wireless network, so if it is an ethernet thing, I wouldn't be able to tell, only a connected-to-the-internet thing...
  12. I'm running Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks, and none of them crash at all, really... the only one I have trouble with is Fireworks running really, really slow... I know that doesn't help a lot, but I guess it just shows that it's not a Macromedia / Tiger integration thing, but more specific to your system...
  13. oooh... well, that's really odd... is it just that page, or is it everywhere on the internet? if it is on the page, it might have to do with the url. when I go to www.wkmg.com it redirects me to www.local6.com . Maybe they have changed this to redirect within the last month, and you still have the old wkmg.com website in your cache...
  14. red5230

    can't get rid of partition on mac. Please help

    You're going to need to back up all the data you want to keep, because repartitioning your hard drive erases everything. Then, take your Tiger install CD, boot from it, and run Disk Utility. There should be an option called Partitions, or something similar, and you can choose how many partitions you want (or dont want), and it will reformat your drive accordingly.
  15. red5230

    iSync 2.1 and 3G ipod

    What do you need to work out with your Palm? The Palm should still use iSync, it's just the iPod that doesn't...
  16. This is supposed to be a feature, I'm sure, because if you're looking to go Back, you want the page you already looked at, not something new (oh, and you also want it to load quickly). I'm not sure if there's a way to set it to automatically reload, but instead of retyping in the URL, you could just hold Shift and click Refresh. That should do it...
  17. I believe that somewhere in the Safari preferences you can set it so that the tabbing goes to all objects on a webpage (links and stuff), like it does on a PC. However, for other programs, I have no idea. Frankly, I think this is a better way to do tabbing than Windows does it, just because it kinda sets the keyboard for data entry (text boxes, pulldown menus, etc) while the mouse is used for navigation (clicking, scrolling, etc).
  18. red5230


    I kinda agree with eXtreme here.... these forums are great on cleanliness and all the stuff that moderators would take care of. Adam even does a great job of including the emails that he receives, so we can all discuss them. On the other hand... I'm in the top 5 posters here, and I've never been a moderator on anything in my whole life (other than my own forum), and that would be pretty awesome. Hey Adam, if you want to do this and delegate some work out to a few moderators, I would looove to help out.
  19. red5230

    iPod backup freeware?

    I believe Senuti does what you are looking to do. "Senuti is a simple utility that makes transferring songs from an iPod to your computer quick and easy." I don't know, I've never done it. I just use Senuti to play MP3s through my computer when my iPod is attached and I don't have my MP3 files with me (external USB HD).
  20. red5230

    apple music event before paris!!!

    you know what? i retract my previous statement... after reading on a couple of news sites about this, it looks like it will be something decent. hopefully not the phone (like adam has said on the MacCast, I'm sick of it), but maybe something alltogether new. you got me looking forward to it now, RHCP.
  21. red5230

    iSync 2.1 and 3G ipod

    you shouldn't have to set up your iPod with iSync,, everything you want should be in iTunes. what are you trying to do? if you want to get Address Book, iCal, or iPhoto stuff onto your iPod, go into the iTunes preferences, to the iPod preferences, and there you select what information you want moved over to your iPod. then, when you sync in iTunes, it is all done automatically.
  22. red5230

    Remote desktop client

    Is VNC what you're looking for? I've heard that a good VNC client for the mac is Chicken of the VNC, while a good VNC server for the mac is OSXvnc. I don't know a whole lot about remote desktop, as I've tried to get it working on my home network with these two programs, but to no avail. If this helps, great, if it's not even remotely close (haha, a pun...), sorry...
  23. red5230

    eMail using lycos

    Most services that are web based don't want you using POP3 accounts, just because if you use their website for email, you see ads and whatnot. A lot of people also require premium accounts to do it, so that sucks. And yeah, it's not fair that they have it for PC and not Mac, but that's how it's always been, and you'll learn that it's how life goes owning a mac. I think you're right to move away from Lycos. I can't imagine that they would have great email service, but that's just my opinion. If you want something free (and that supports POP3, im almost sure), go for Gmail. I personally don't think that .Mac is worth the money. Yeah, it's cool do have a something@mac.com email address, but for $100? And, it does come with some other features, but if you only have 1 computer and you don't need to sync anything, I don't think there are many features for you. One thing I keep advertising (but I'm not affiliated with, I just think it's a good deal) is SpyMac Club. it's supposed to be a direct .Mac competitor, and it is only priced at $25 a year. there are some features listed on their website, but the service begins on September 1st, so those aren't the only features that would be avaliable. And yes, they do have email included. You might want to check this out.
  24. red5230

    Methods of Syncing iCal?

    I know that SpyMac is creating a new thing called Club, that should be released on the 1st of September. They have a lot of features, including Desktop Software to easily sync stuff to your 3gb of online storage. I'm not sure if they support iCal syncing in any way, but I also don't know how extensive the .Mac syncing is. It mentions that you can "Keep Address Book contacts up-to-date between an unlimited amount of Macs and share your Safari bookmarks with Spymac Sync", but I'm not sure if they have anything planned for iCal. Also, SpyMac Club is only $25 a year, 1/4 of the price of .Mac. You might want to check out what services they offer by going to the website. It looks a little meager right now because they are in the process of switching servers for the new version of the website, but everything should be up on the 1st.
  25. red5230

    Sync with a shared library.

    yeah, but I think the idea that Apple has behind it is to kinda share music with people you don't know. one great example of a perfect use was for me last year in the dorms. everybody in my building was on the same network, and everyone left their iTunes open so we could all listen to each other's music. however, I didn't personally know each and every one, and I couldn't get an actual copy of the song from them. either way, I don't think it is at all possible to get a copy of the song over the network, either downloaded or to the iPod. i recall hearing that there was third party software that can download the MP3s from other computers on the network, but that doesn't help you, because, as you said, you have access to the MP3s on your wife's computer. i think you're stuck either without the MP3s, or with them on both of your machines.