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  1. "bypass security?" And what do you knucklehead think I would gain by criminally restarting a remote Mac? Thanks alot!
  2. could you please tell me how to log in via terminal? I don't understand what you are writing. Thank you.
  3. Hi there, I managed to delete the bad http.conf file with Fetch ftp client. Ftp let's you delete files while the Finder does not due to permissions. So far, so good. How can I restart my remote Mac now? Thank you
  4. Hi folks, I am in a big, big touble. I am running 2 websites remotely on an old Powerbook at a friend's house overseas. For maintainance I usually us Apple Remote Desktop. Yesterday I messed around with the httpd.conf file and now I have no more websites running and, maybe worse, I cannot access via Remote Access to fix the problem. I don't want to get into the details but a great deal for my wellfare depends on me getting the websites to work again. I still can access my files via "connect to server" command. (I am running Tiger on both machines). I can see the bad httpd.conf file and the good backup I made but "I don't have enough permissions" to delete the file and to rename the duplicate to httpd.conf and even if I could, I don't know how to restart the mac. Any tips are most appreciated. Can I somehow build an Applescript and run it on the remote machine? Can I put an Applescript on the remote computer that opens itself and runs? Is there any way to delete a file without enough privileges? Of course I have the password. Is there a way to log in via root from "connect to server"? I am in deep trouble. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks . Karot