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  1. podgirl

    Music player on iPad with iOS 5

    I wonder if the music player on my iPad2 updated properly. In the podcasts section the 'Get more episodes' option is no longer there. Also, the AirPlay icon remains grey even when it's in use sending the music to the Zeppelin Air. On my iPhone the AirPlay icon turns blue when it's in use. Is it just my iPad or is this the way it is now? Thanks!
  2. podgirl

    How was your iCloud?

    When I moved our stuff from Mobile Me to iCloud the iPad2 calendar had triplicate entries, but it was easily fixed with the settings. I had a problem with iPhoto in that when I enabled Photo Stream iPhoto then crashed repeatedly and became unusable. I turned off Photo Stream in System Preferences and now I can use iPhoto again. I hope there will be an update soon so I can turn it back on. Good luck!
  3. podgirl


    I'm Canadian and my husband is really into rugby, so I see a little bit by default. He also loves the app. My favourite part of rugby is watching the All Blacks do the Haka.
  4. podgirl

    Hallowe'en costume

    Ooo, I never thought of that. Good point! It was so much fun to make.
  5. podgirl

    Hallowe'en costume

    My son, the iPod touch.
  6. podgirl

    Don't want to download SD shows

    Good question. In Canada we only have about 1/10th of the population of America, so there isn't much choice with everything (that's why it's so much fun for us to go shopping in the States.) I'm with one of the big companies, and its $47=60 GB, $60=80 GB, $70=125 GB and $100=175 GB. Apparently there is a small company that offers unlimited bandwidth at a cheap price, but I don't know much about it. How do these prices compare to what you get in the States?
  7. podgirl

    Apple TV Sync question

    I guess that's why the new Apple TV is streaming only. The constant syncing can get a tad annoying after a while.
  8. podgirl

    Don't want to download SD shows

    Thanks Daniel, that forum thread was very interesting. I will definitely send the feedback to Apple, although I think they would say, well, just buy more bandwidth.
  9. I live in Canada where we have caps on the amounts of bandwidth we can use. Our package allows for 60 GB/mth which is usually fine, however Netflix just came to Canada, so we'll be streaming shows and using up more bandwidth. When you buy an HD TV show from iTunes you also automatically get the SD version, which is about half a GB, but sometimes I really don't need the SD version (which is for putting it on an iPhone/iPod touch). If I delete the SD as it's starting to download it reappears the next time I log in and will never truly go away. Does anyone know how to not download the SD versions?
  10. podgirl

    Apple TV Sync question

    No, don't remove items from your Mac, as they will disappear the next time you sync, as you said. If you have the Apple TV set to Automatic Sync, then every time you open iTunes it will sync new things to the Apple TV and remove older things. If you set it to Custom Sync, then you can choose what to 'keep' on the Apple TV. Hope you enjoy it, I love my Apple TV.
  11. podgirl

    iPhone 4

    I'm thinking that the new iMovie app for editing those little HD videos of my kids could be lots of fun. Seriously, this new phone will be coveted by moms everywhere.
  12. podgirl


    I was wondering if you'd caved!
  13. podgirl

    Mobile Me to be made Free ????

    That would be awesome. It's very handy when you get a new device and can just sync all the calendars and contacts right away, no muss, no fuss.
  14. podgirl

    I'm getting sick of the negativity

    I'd be curious to hear what people think after watching the guided tour that just came up on the USA Apple site. After watching the Pages clip, to me it seems like it will indeed be much more than a media consumption device. I started drooling around the time the lady was dragging the picture of the giraffe around the document. Must convince my husband that he needs an iPad.
  15. podgirl


    I'm hoping the photo frame feature is enough to convince my parents to buy one. I think the iPad (loathe the name, BTW) is a perfect gadget for non-tech types who don't have a laptop. My vision for the device is to mount in on the wall in the kitchen (and be able to take it off, of course) so I can pretend I'm on the Enterprise. When my husband gets up in the morning he could come down, quickly check the road conditions, weather, calendar, etc. Yes, you can do all this with an iPhone or computer, but it would be so much more fun to be swiping on the 'wall'.