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  1. mMichael

    Using an unlocked iPhone outside the US

    I followed the Unlock instructions at ModMyiPhone.com and have been using it without any issues for the last 5 days.
  2. mMichael

    Unlock the iPhone

    I used the iPhone unlock method available at http://ModMyiPhone.com http://ModMyiPhone.com/wiki/index.php/IPho...ock_OS_X_Part_1 The instruction were clear and easy to follow; it took less than an hour and work flawlessly. I would highly recommend this method. Michael Wild
  3. I need to find a new hosting provider, my current Virtual Server at Tera-byte.com keeps hitting it limit for processes. We are no where near our bandwidth or storage capacity limits, but it seems the numbers of processes being run for the various sites we have running are maxing out the Virtual Servers capacity. I am a web designer and do not know a lot about server set-up or maintenance so a simple and easy to use interface on a Virtual Server set-up is what I am looking for. MediaTemple.net looks good, but it is twice as much as I am spending now. Any Suggestions? Thanks, Michael
  4. mMichael

    Another 3D CAD Request

    Hello, I too am looking for suggestions on CAD software. The most important thing to me is that it is easy to use, in fact, that is even more important the 3D capabilities. I have a bunch of floor plans I created in Illustrator and find revisions very time consuming. I want software that makes creating floor plans easy and if it can convert them into 3D it is a bonus, but not neccesary. Thanks, Michael