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  1. kinkyfunk77

    Trouble Installin updates

    Im having a lot of trouble installing updates for all my aplications even the leopar 10.5.3 update i gives me a message that says cant validate the pakcage same thing happens with photoshop, office etc etc does anybody know whats going on ??
  2. every time i try to install something on my Black MacBook with leopard tells me thso message " THE INSTALLER COULD NOT VALIDATE DE CONTENT OF THE PAKAGE CONTACT THE SOFTWARE MANUFACTURER FOR ASSISTANCE" i even try to install the new security update and tells me de same message anybody know whats going on ????
  3. I need Help Please This Is the sutuation, i have a macbook and a desktop PC and for a while i have been able to sync al my data like contacts, calendars, etc from my macbook and all of my music and podcast from my PC, but a couple of day a ago when y try to sync with my pc i get this message "THIS IPHONE CANNOT BE USED BECOSE THE APPLE MOVILE DEVISE SERVICE IS NOT STARTED" that only happens in my pc my macbooks syncs fine does anybody know whats going on
  4. kinkyfunk77

    iPhone Sync With 2 Computers

    no I try that did not work thanks do
  5. kinkyfunk77

    iPhone Sync With 2 Computers

    Hi does anybody knows if i can sync music to my phone from 2 diferent cumputers ?? i have a macbook where i have all of my contacts, mail, etc, but i have all my music on a desktop pc with my ipod a have no problem using both computers but with my iphone when i try to upload music from my pc i get a message thats sais "your iPhone can only be sync with 1 computer....." what is that all about ??? does anybody know a way a can sync my contacts and mail with the macbook but put music from my pc ??
  6. I have clone my internal hard drive to an external hard drive and i can boot from the hard drive, i want to erase my internal hard drive and install leopard. my question is do i use the migration assitan to get all my aplication and files from the hard drive ?? my external hard drive is USB and not Firewire can I still use The migration assistant ??
  7. kinkyfunk77

    Clean Install Leopard tutorials

    sounds easy thanks a lot
  8. kinkyfunk77

    Clean Install Leopard tutorials

    Does Anybody know whre i can find some kind of totorial to do a clean install of leopard ???
  9. kinkyfunk77

    Network Printing

    i got it printing but is printing very small, now what im i doing wrong
  10. kinkyfunk77

    Network Printing

    i got a canon prixma i4300 connected to my windows machine, when i try to install the prnter in my mac via the network i cant fond the right drivers, i allready install the drivers in my mac with the cd that came wit the printer but i still can find them when i try to install it via the network. if i connect the printer with the USB it works fine but i cant print when is in my window machine i follow all the steps but i cant find that drivers can anybody help im desperate thanks
  11. kinkyfunk77

    iWeb 08 problem

    i have a site in witch i have a setian font for titles in my site, when i install iWeb 08 this fonts show in my mac but not in othner windows computers, and it did before iWeb 08 does anybody know why ?? thanks
  12. kinkyfunk77

    iphoto 08 & iweb 08

    Thanks a lot, i thout i try that before i guess not thanks again
  13. kinkyfunk77

    iphoto 08 & iweb 08

    Anybody knows ????
  14. kinkyfunk77

    iphoto 08 & iweb 08

    I worked with the old version of ilife and what i useed to do es send an album form iphoto to iweb and what is did was give me a a tumnail in my photos page, but now with 08 does not give me that opcion just makes another page with the photos does anybody know how to do that ?? thanks