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  1. iOS 8 instant hotspot

    Sorry maybe my original post was not clear I can use the hotspot both USB and creating a wifi network with my phone. I am just unable to connect using the new instant hotspot feature.
  2. iOS 8 instant hotspot

    Hi, I have an iPad air 2, a first gen retina MacBook pro, and an iPhone 5s. All are running the latest version I of the OS. I have enabled the personal hotspot on my phone and if I plug it in with a lightning cable or us the wifi network the phone creates I it works fine. However, the instant hotspot feature in instant hotspot feature does not work. I can see my phone listed under hotspots in both the iPad and the MacBook. However, when I click on it to start the connect it thinks for a long time and then gives me an error message. The error message is really useful something like "failed to connect to network". I have restarted the devices many times and still no luck. I am hoping you will be able to give me some ideas on what to do next in order to fix this. Many thanks in advance. Josh