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  1. CaptainMench

    Yellow Lines on Powerbook 17inch

    PRAM doesn't reset it... here's the link about Apple ignoring this issue: The macbook in question is Jason Hafer at the bottom of the page: http://www.crosspond.com/apple.php CaptM
  2. CaptainMench

    Nintendo Wii

    Odd. Not sure what they mean by that. I've got a g network off my Netgear and my Macs. No problems. Now -- there is a free Opera download that you can get for the wii -- but you download that thru the WiiStore on the wii itself. Not sure what that XP/IE reference is about. CaptM
  3. CaptainMench

    Yellow Lines on Powerbook 17inch

    A friend's new-to-him refurb'd 17 inch powerbook started in with the pixel width vertical yellow line problem. Didn't see anything here in the search and google gave a few places to post pics in the hopes Apple will come along and recognize this as a real issue... But have they? Anyone have a solid lead on what this actually is? Fixable? Workable? Thanks, CaptM
  4. CaptainMench

    Mac iBook and Nintendo WII

    As I mentioned in the other post you made on this topic (please, don't spam a forum with such posts...) The Wii needs a broadcast hub to pick up a WiFi signal. If you don't have a router that is also broadcasting a signal then you are out of luck. Unless you move it close to the wall of your neighbor's house. CaptM
  5. CaptainMench

    Nintendo Wii

    The WiFi works with the network... not your computer. You need something like a router to broadcast your signal to the Wii. What type of connection does your computer have and where is it getting it from? CaptM