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  1. macosx.4

    iMac G3 and Mac OS X

    No, I've given up for now. When I feel like spending money, I'll get back to it. It's not terribly important that I get it working; just a side project.
  2. macosx.4

    iMac G3 and Mac OS X

    I'll look into a "new" optical drive. And for right now, the Mac is running disassembled (parts connected but lying on the floor). For getting a DVD drive connected to my Mac, I had to use a PC to power it.
  3. macosx.4

    iMac G3 and Mac OS X

    Can it be USB? I don't have a firewire port on my Mac.
  4. macosx.4

    Mac version-behind?

    I can see it now... in several years it will be 10.10 released on October 10th, then an update later to follow: 10.10.10.
  5. macosx.4

    Replacing flaky hard drive

    that's actually a good thing to do once in a while to your hard drives. Stick them into a PC and let spinrite fix them up and do a little maintenance. even if the contents is all ppc software or even from your old performa.....
  6. macosx.4

    ipod cant start up

    try plugging it in, using disk mode, and open up disk utility. See if your iPod is in there (as it should be). Format it, and iTunes should recognize it as a new iPod. Set it up, sync your music, and you should be back in business.
  7. macosx.4

    Leopard or Ubuntu?

    Coming from a perspective where I've used Mac/Linux/W1nd0wz, I will agree that Mac and Linux are both better than Windows. However, for the choice between Mac and Linux, it really depends on what you want. Mac just works out the box, and Linux has come a long way. Depending on the distribution, you may or may not have to configure stuff in the terminal/command line to get everything working. I've installed Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, and a couple others that don't require the use of the terminal. I also like the cool 3D/compiz fusion effects in Ubuntu and a few other distros, something that would really make the Mac shine.
  8. macosx.4

    iMac G3 and Mac OS X

    I have an iMac G3 @ 333 mhz, 160 MB RAM, 40 GB hard drive, iMac Update 1.2, the standard CD-ROM drive, and I want to put Mac OS X on it. I've heard of the limitation of 10.3.9 but as long as I get ANY version of OS X on it, I will be happy (maybe even use Xpostfacto from OWC to put Tiger on it). I am also aware of the 8 GB limitation for the startup disk/partition. I have three sets of discs of OS X, 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4 (10.4 is upgrade only). All of the discs are DVDs, yet I only have a CD-ROM drive in my Mac. I have tried a variety of things such as connecting an IDE DVD drive to the Mac; and stuck the hard drive inside a PC, using Linux and PearPC and QEMU to emulate a Mac environment. These options didn't work. I have tried creating "Rescue CDs" to try and get Startup Disk to load up select the startup partition (installed from PearPC) (OS 9 is no longer on the disk) but to no avail. I have tried forcing Open Firmware to boot the BootX file, which failed as well. I have even gone as far as trying to strip "non-essential" software such as iLife, Office 2004 trials, etc from the installation DVDs and attempted to reduce a disk image of the installation DVD down under 700 MB and burn that to a CD, however, I cannot remove the free space from the disk image/resize the disk image. I am also attempting to use the built in Samba (SMB) server inside of OS X (my MacMini 10.4, Intel) and use a Linux LiveCD to dd (a bit-for-bit copy) the DVD onto the hard drive and install locally off the iMac's hard drive, but from the looks of things, it's not going to work. I am slowly running out of ideas and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. One more thing: I have a fairly small budget (close to about nothing) and will only spend money if I have to. Any "free of charge" ideas I will attempt immediately, however, if money need be spent, it will be spent.
  9. macosx.4

    Good Microphone

    Does anyone know of a good microphone that actually works with Macs? I have a few mics designed for spoken word that are probably worth no more than $5 and don't record anything when using my Mac Mini (Intel Core Solo). I have also tried these same mics on my iMac G5, but do not work either. I want to record the vocals to songs I record onto my Mac, and the guitars/keyboard work fine, probably because they are self-powered. So, does anyone know of a good mic that would work for this? I can't really afford anything too expensive (and don't want to, because it's not professional and I don't mind if it isn't the best). Something under $50 would be nice
  10. macosx.4

    diskutil resizeVolume

    Cool. I got it to work. Although something kind of weird happened this morning. I started it up and no system could be found. So, I redid the process except that I made 5GB for a stripped down version of OS X (essential software only.) It works now.
  11. macosx.4

    diskutil resizeVolume

    After recently receiving my (fairly) new Mac Mini, I decided to put Linux on part of my hard drive. I learned about diskutil and its verb resizeVolume. I resized my mac hard drive with no problems. However, I am now having an issue because I want to change the size of those partitions. I attempted to resize them but it didn't work. I didn't have anything on them so I reformatted them back to JHFS+ (journaled HFS+) and tried to resize them. Still didn't work. So I am wondering: is it possible to make those partitions become free space? I know about utilities that you can use, but I don't want to spend the money. Thanks.
  12. macosx.4

    Open a File

    If you want to open a file or application, but don't want to drag it out of the trash? Drag it into the Dock and launch it there.
  13. macosx.4

    Internet Speeds

    This might be a little broad, but, does anyone know what were the available Internet speeds (and if possible, price (average is fine)) from about 1980 to about 2000 (preferably in the US, but other countries are fine)?
  14. macosx.4

    A video of my KDE and freeware customized desktop.

    That is so cool. Maybe I can compile some Linux-Only apps on my Mac and make them run.
  15. macosx.4

    Harriet is 175 years old! And looks every bit of it ...

    I think they're called Redwoods or something and live to be about 3000 years old. (Can you imagine what computers would look like if we could live that long?)