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  1. JayKay

    tons of ! in itunes

    Sounds as if iTunes is still looking for your music on your old hard drive. Have you tried exiting out of iTunes and going back in. It may give iTunes the chance to reread the xml files and hopefully will update your !'s.
  2. JayKay

    Disc Imaging

    You wouldn't need to. Rip the songs into itunes when you are offline - once you are connected, highlight the tracks and hit get cd track names. Should find most stuff that way
  3. JayKay

    connecting from mac to pc

    This was the key part for me - even though i had shared the drive i couldn't connect until i actually shared directories. Once the directories were shared on the windows machine hey presto a connection
  4. JayKay

    iPod Podcast problem

    http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=61705 This is the link to Apples support website and will run you thru the reset procedure.
  5. JayKay

    What is your internet download speed?

    i'm paying for 2mb and getting according to speedtest.net getting 1981 kb/s
  6. JayKay

    What kind of iPod do you have?

    black 30gb 5th gen
  7. Another thanks from me Firas - will give the optimized builds a crack
  8. I admit i am a bit of a browser junky and use safari, firefox 2 and more recently Camino. I used Firefox to start with as i use it as my primary browser on XP and have found no real problems with it. However Camino "seems" to be quicker at rendering some websites and it starting to take over as my #1 browser
  9. JayKay

    my crazy mighty mouse

    I had the same problem and traced the problem to the mousemat. I swapped it for a matt black one and so far so good
  10. JayKay

    Why I won't get a mighty mouse

    It was more the sudden movement of the cursor to the bottom left hand side of the screen that was annoying initially. However i figured out that the design on my mousemat was causing this. By switching mats and fiddling with the settings its a lot better.
  11. JayKay

    Wireless Channel Help

    It appears that both of my neighbours are on channel 6 as well - according to iStumbler the interference doesn't seem too bad. I am being geeky just for the sake of it ?
  12. JayKay

    Which iMac To Buy?

    Drew, I am a recent switcher (Jan 07) and this was the biggest debate i had when deciding which Mac to buy. In the end i went for the 20" As for the size, when you first start using it - it's like man this screen is huuuuuuge - however its odd how quickly you become acclimatized to the extra screen space. For things like iPhoto being able to edit pictures full screen is just amazing. IMO the 20" screen is worth the extra money
  13. JayKay

    When will you buy leapord?

    I'll be waiting for a few months - never like to be at the bleeding edge of technology
  14. I have just bought a wireless X-Station Broadband router and am having a few problems with the wireless settings on my iMac. Currently the wireless channel on my router is set to 6. If i change it to another channel my iMac will lose its wireless connection. Is there somewhere on my iMac that i can tell it what channel the wireless is set to ?
  15. JayKay

    Why I won't get a mighty mouse

    Since switching to my new iMac i have really struggled with the responsiveness of the Mighty Mouse. However a purchase of a matt black mouse matt has helped no end. I'm still not sure about the ergonomics though, i use a microsoft intellimouse all day at work and have got used to its slightly chunkier profile, whereas i am struggling with the slightly flatter design of the mighty mouse. So far the jury is still out on this one