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    love ny Mac,ipad pro and me iPad mini
    am limited s am a blind old git.....
    I do enjoy life, though,honest
  1. aussie_chris

    trouble\ reading main text

    can anyone help,please. i am an old visionn impaired old git and am having trouble reading sub text or stories etc,under the headlines,as it is very very light i can see the headlibe but that is all. very hard to read the whole story. any help would be appreciated,
  2. aussie_chris

    downloading albums

    every now and again,when i download an album, i get tracks 2-10 say,then i get a sinle track, donloaded separtly. so i get 2 album covers.. click on 1 cover,there is only one track listed..no. 1 click on the 2nd cover,there iare the rest of the album, tracks 2-10. why is this happening and is there a way to combine both covers and show only 1 cover and all tracks as well. hope this can make sense to someone and any ideas, very welcomed
  3. can anyone advie me as to how,if possible,mark any audiobook that i have already read. and what ones i have not read. would be very helpfull as i am a blind guy who is a d imac user and have a great deal of books and i load a few to read on my ipad pro. then i find i have already listeened to them and then i have to start all over agai thanks for any suggestions chris an aussie member
  4. aussie_chris

    time machine full up.

    can anyone help me,pxlease. my time machine is full up and it does not seem to deleting the oldest stuff and writing new stuff.... is there a way ,this old blind guy can erase the data on the time machine and start all over th\\again. any help would be appreciated.. merry xmas to you all as well
  5. aussie_chris

    finding missing cover art.

    can anyone suggest a really good app for finding missing art work... i was using iArtwork but that has gone the way of the dodo.. thanks in advance
  6. aussie_chris


    i used to use Iartwork, for finding my cover work for my music albums...but iy has gone...shame can anyone suggest a good app for finding missing cover art. would be grateful....
  7. aussie_chris

    Apple tv

    love this new generation tv streamer. under the "siri" option, there is listed...sire ,then terms and conditions... when i click on "siri" nothing happens... when i click on ...terms and conditions, thats it... WHY CANT I TALK TO SIRE... IS THERE A BUTTON THAT I HAVE TO CLICK,TO ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, OR WHAT... hope someone can help... really