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  1. I am a teacher at a 4,5,6 building. We have about 400 Macs on our network. Our IT staff hates them. They have had a horrible time syncing over the past year, terrible long times, people losing things etc. We are running Mobile accounts on all machines that sync on log in and log out and every 20 minutes. My IT staff tells me there are known issues causing this that Apple has not addressed. I do not know enough about the situation. Can anyone help me out? IS there an issues that Apple has not addressed? I am very afraid they are going to try and use this as a reason to get rid of our Macs. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. MrT

    iPhoto Library Size

    I am running out of disk space, no surprise there, but when I am in iPhoto it says that the size is 8.9Gig 6,*** photos. When I click on the iPhoto Library in the finder it Calculates it as 15.5 Gig. Anyone know why, which is accurate, or how I can reclaim that 6G of space? Thanks
  3. I am a tech teacher at an elementary school and in the last few days I have had a rash of machines that won't startup. When you force a restart the get the gray screen with the apple logo but never any further. Does anyone know of any particular issue out there or is this just collective bad luck? I can start them in Target disk mode and run repairs until they come back clean but still won't start.
  4. Yes if they allow us to go Mac we would be putting in OSX server.
  5. Thanks for you comments. As far as time machine I think we probably Don't want to have all 400+ users have individual back up but rather have a few standard configurations that can be slapped onto a machine when one goes wacky. Is there anyone out there managing a dual platform environment that can give me some insight into the best way to do so. I am just an end user trying to argue with the tech guys. I can't believe that it is that difficult, but Maybe I am wrong.
  6. I beg your indulgence at the outset if this is long, but please bear with me. I am a technology teacher at an elementary school (1 of 3) that is about to have the 4,5 and 6 grades put into one new building of about 1100 students and 400+ machines. My principal and myself had decided on Mac with (we thought) the support of or District Tech director, only to find the the tech department (5 PC guys) are staging a revolt. They are claiming that the Macs have a much higher failure rate, that they cannot integrate them into Active Directory (or Open Directory I get mixed up with which is whose), claiming it works and then fails for now reason. They are also claiming that to implement a net imaging solution that we would need a separate dedicated server for that where on the PC side they could use any old machine as an imaging server. Much of this smacks of Mac hate to me, but as I am just a teacher who got good at using my mac I don't really have the expertise to combat these arguments. Anyone who can offer ANY help would be greatly appreciated. No argument for the Mac is too bug or small for me to use. Thanks to anyone who can help. I need info VERY quickly.
  7. Thanks Graham. I had a meeting yesterday and I was beginning to come to the sabotage conclusion.
  8. I am a technology teacher at an Elementary School that uses all Mac. We are opening a new building grades 4,5,6 next year and I am in danger of losing my platform because the IT guys don't know how to/want to, deal with Macs. I know this sounds vague but when pressed they don't really tell me any problems that seem significant to me. I am a teacher by training not a technician. They want to be able to manage all the macs remotely but can't tell me how that would effectively be any harder than having a standard image that could be reloaded if something went awry. Anyway they have mentioned something about having trouble making Open Directory work with Active Directory. They had it working and it mysteriously stopped a week before school opened and that made them angry. You wouldn't like them when they are angry. Can anyone give me an overview of what trouble they could be having, and where I might send them for some Mac friendly cross platform help? I really want to use iLife with that age group of kids. This is what I did with 5th grade at my current building using iMovie. http://www.prsd.k12.pa.us/richland/Project...lutionMain.html
  9. MrT

    iDVD burned movie has no sound

    I was able to solve this by removign the third party quicktime plugins. Thanks
  10. I am havin trouble with iDVD. I'm a teacher and I have created a DVD movie of my fifth graders. It is about an hour long and when I preview it or look at it in iMovie it is fine. When I burn a test copy it has no Audio, with the exception of the menus and the Special features which I added by just dragging the movies to and added menu. I have tried the Apple official fix of reencoding the movie (no small feat) and no luck. School is out in 4 days and I need to finalize it and burn 125 copies. Please help out a fellow mac geek. HELP MAC GEEKS HELP!
  11. MrT

    Startup hangs on Startup Screen

    Thank you very much. I needed to get it up and running fast so I just backed up the user folder and reimaged. Then loaded back what I needed.
  12. When trying to startup an iBook G4 it semms to startup, chimes and all, gets to the Mac OS X window, and the blue line goes to the end but it will go no further. I have started from an external drive and repaired the drive, but still no dice. Zapped PRAM. Same deal. Refuses to start in safe mode. If I hold down shift on startup same deal. Any ideas?