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  1. Cody

    Are you getting a new Mac system?

    my parents dont see why i need a mac so ill have to stick to windows for a month or 2 but i have skinned my compuuter to look like a mac so that will have to sustain me
  2. my dad forthe christmas of 03 got me a samsung 20 gig mp3 player after about 8 months the firm ware got messed up and we took the player back under warrenty the nice people at best buy immediately replaced with anew 20gig 4th gen ipod and a 2 year replacement plan. in febuary of 05 my friend was playing with my ipod and decided to stick a super magnet to it and me not knowing what magnets did to hdd didnt stop him big mistake after a few sour words i took the ipod back to best buy and got a new one instantly i now plan to do the same thing again " accidently" andget a new color screen one once they have them in stock cody