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  1. Terry Vogelaar

    Shouldn't Software update and the Mac App Store be integrated?

    Hi John, Thanks for your reply, but actually I don't understand what you are trying to say, and I am not convinced you understood me either. Updating to the new kitty was the most seamless I ever experienced. Although I made 2 backups and was prepared for everything, it wasn't necessary. But then came 10.7.1. "Oh well, a harmless little bug fix; let's install it without any precautions." And suddenly, total train wreck. Especially the Dock went mental, taking up 95% of the processor activity. Fortunately, after doing some maintenance with TechTool Pro, Disk Utility and Onyx, the problem seems to be solved now. The 4 points you are making, prove that the App Store isn't ready for every thinkable update solution. I agree with that. But neither is Software Update. In fact, Software Update only manages Apple software. The App Store can do that just as well. And it is not 1.0 anymore. It is around since 10.6.6 and is now on version 1.1.1. In my opinion, Software Update should be gone when App Store 2.0 comes out. But we agree that we eventually go there. And I am sorry I didn't understand the other things you are bringing to the table.
  2. Hi all, Shouldn't Software update and the Mac App Store be integrated? I know that the history of the OS explains why these are separate apps, but it gives us 2 places to watch for updates. You buy 3rd party apps in the App Store, and the updates are handled by the App Store. You buy Lion, iLife or iWork apps in the App Store, but the updating is by using Software Update. Makes no sense, right? Maybe it is because Software Update is 'Apple's own', hence trustworthy. But that is not always true. OSX 10.7.1 came through Software Update, and I HATE it. I experience really sluggish performance with it, while 10.7.0 worked just fine. I wish the OS had 'Versions' so I could go back easily when an update doesn't seem to work. I think Software Update became redundant. I liked it, but it had its days. I think there should be one place to obtain updates, not two.
  3. Terry Vogelaar

    who is getting a new kitty?

    Tried to buy it, but I couldn't, because I have the Developer Preview installed. So it gives a warning that I have a newer version of this App installed and I have to trash that one first. That doesn't make much sense, does it? I hope I don't have to downgrade to Snow Leopard first. Maybe I can retry when is out.
  4. Terry Vogelaar

    Bootcamp under Lion

    If there is no Lion installation disk, that should also mean you cannot pop in the disk when booted with Windows to install the Bootcamp drivers. So I guess they go back to letting the user burn a CD before installing Windows.
  5. Terry Vogelaar

    iPhone web development

    I am building an alternative site for a Flash based site to be viewable on the iPhone. But I keep on trying things that apparently also don't work. I tried using an iframe to have a scrolling field on the page. The topmost content showed, but I was unable to scroll it, because the entire page was scrolling instead. I tried to include an MP3 using the Embed tag. Works fine on my Mac, but not on the iPhone. And apparently some things work on some iPhones, but not on others. I found a detection script: if ((navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPhone') != -1) || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPod') != -1)) { document.location = "iphone/index.html"; // The iUI site } else { document.location = "html/index.html"; // The iframe site for all the other non-Flash supporting devices } This works fine on mine and on the iPhone Simulator on my Mac. But not on my client's iPhones. Fortunately I found a PHP-based detection script that did works on all. I use iUI, a JavaScript/CSS framework intended for the iPhone. And I discovered that if I put a link in it without specifying a target, the URL gets embedded in the page somehow. This also works on the iPhone Simulator and on Mac Safari when visiting the iPhone site. But again, not on the client's iPhones. The location bar reads www.site.nl/iphone/#_home on my devices, but www.site.nl/iphone/home.html on theirs. I thought about asking them if they have the newest OS, but thought that it actually is good that the client runs into problems with the site, so I can correct it before the site is launched. In my opinion, this has everything to do with the great Flash war of 2010, as Adam calls it. I'm not a Flash fan and if I have to choose a side, I'm on Apple's. But I think Apple talks nonsense about this topic too. Their mobile Safari is good, but actually still half-baked. Apple claims HTML 5 is a industry standard, but it is NOT; it is not even a W3C recommendation (yet). The worldwide web is in its teenage years. The great Flash war of 2010 is a symptom of it; so are all the other half-baked products like JavaScript and CSS everyone has to rely on. It is just time for the worldwide web to grow up. To come with true standards that are as easy to develop as Flash, but are reliable to work on every web browsing device. We are not there yet...
  6. Terry Vogelaar

    Disable stacks?

    Thanks for the tip, car1son! Your Plist modification made me curious if there really isn't a permanent solution. Googling on directory-tile and Dock gave me this page: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20071111202112177 I think I'll give it a try. If that doesn't work, I'll go with the AppleScript solution. Thanks, also to Dolphbucs and Graham!
  7. Terry Vogelaar

    Disable stacks?

    Is there a way to disable stacks, so that when I click a folder in the Dock, it just opens in Finder? I can't get used to it fanning open and I find myself going straight to the top where it says 'Open in Finder'. The grid and list view are even more annoying, because I have to scroll down before I can click 'Open in Finder'... If there is a different solution for Leopard and Snow Leopard, I want to know them both, because I use the former at work and the latter at home.
  8. Terry Vogelaar

    Syncing headaches

    I did that recently. Didn't help. It is an upgrade and the problem is related to my user profile. I made a new user and successfully started iSync there. Ah, that cursor line! Sharp observation, Dolphbucs! Before I made the screen shot, I copied the text of the dialog in order to google for a solution. To deselect the text, I clicked in the grey after it and thus I had a cursor line in the dialog... So now we know it is user profile related. That was already a great help from you guys. Thanks. But how do we go from the diagnosis to the cure? What is my next step? Should I bring all my files over to the new profile? Or can I just copy some files relevant to syncing over from the new to the old user account? How can I work around permission issues?
  9. Terry Vogelaar

    Syncing headaches

    Sorry... Added that... Actually I'm not able to go to the preferences of iSync... It can't be launched.
  10. Terry Vogelaar

    Syncing headaches

    I bought an iPod Touch last week, but I am unable to sync calendar, mail and contact data with it. It first asks me if I want to enable syncing: And when I click "Yes", it tells me that syncing cannot be enabled. I did some googling on this problem and found a site that advised me to trow away the contents of the folder <home>/Library/Application Services/SyncServices, so it has to be rebuilt. I tried, but it didn't work. Then I found a page on Apples website that told me I should never touch or delete the SyncServices folder; it has to be avoided like a beehive. :-/ It gave me a solution for rebuilding it. But that also didn't work. I figured I might need a MobileMe (trial) account. I was pretty convinced I only need that for wireless syncing; not for wired. But I was unable to sync my data with MobileMe. Also iSync doesn't work. So I don't have a clue how to deal with this now. Any suggestions? BTW, syncing music and apps kinda works. The iPod loses contact with the Mac from time to time, but it does what it has to do.
  11. Terry Vogelaar


    Given the hardware: the size, the amount of GBs and 1GHz speed, Apple had to choose between a very lame laptop, or a very good, much more advanced (though less portable) iPod Touch. If you think about it like that, they absolutely made the right decision. Of course we all dreamed of a tablet with a quad-core 3GHz processor and a 2TB solid state drive. But that is not realistic just yet.
  12. Terry Vogelaar

    Magic Mouse

    I saw the new Mac products on Apple's site. Looks great! My iMac is too new to replace yet, so I am mainly interested in the new mouse. Especially the multi-touch gestures... To me, the big disappointment is that it's wireless. I need a new mouse at work, but the computer there doesn't have BlueTooth Also, I hate BlueTooth mice because of what happens if the batteries are low. And speaking of batteries: I don't see how two AA batteries fit in the 'greener' picture Apple strives after. Batteries are chemical waste when empty. I would prefer a solution like the iPod: charge it with a USB cable, then use it wireless or wired. I wonder what is the verdict from an ergonomic perspective. Will it prevent RSI better than the mighty mouse?
  13. Terry Vogelaar

    How to insert a voice-change?

    I would have sworn that it is possible to force the text-to-speech voice to change. I found all kinds of things to insert between [[ and ]] to change the pitch, speak phonemes, you name it. But I couldn't find how to insert a control to change from Victoria to Alex and back. Or to make it more useful, to change from an English voice to a synthetic voice meant for another language, when the document contains multiple languages. So I'm not talking about changing the voice in System prefs. I have to insert an inline command. I vaguely remember that I used it in the past, so I am quite certain it exists. But what is it? Any clues?
  14. Terry Vogelaar

    Unable to use the Trash

    On the forums at ShirtPocket and Apple, Mike replied with a great solution. Rebuilding the trash as described in http://www.thexlab.com/faqs/trash.html#Anchor-Empty-49575 did the trick for me! Terry
  15. Terry Vogelaar

    Unable to use the Trash

    Are there no other suggestions on how to solve this?