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  1. MacTetra

    What do us macgeeks listen to? (Music)

    Here we go:- 1) Queen 2) Yes 3) Foo Fighters 4) Cara Dillon 5) Iron Maiden Song: Love of my Life - Queen
  2. MacTetra

    Podcasts that us MacGeeks listen to

    Here's mine:- 1) Mac Power Users 2) The MacCast 3) Mac Geek Gab 4) Kermode and Mayo's Film Review 5) Clockwise I subscribe to (and love) The Economist for the audio version but don't class this as a podcast.
  3. MacTetra

    Poor Apple Podcast App

    I have used Downcast & Pocketcasts but have now gone back to Apple's Podcast app, the sync has greatly improved (had major problems with Downcast sync). Also, I use the integration with iTune on my Mac (I'm paralysed from the neck down and iTunes is the easiest way to organise my podcasts). I agree that downloads can be slow but stability to me is overall better than the third party apps I've tried.
  4. MacTetra

    NAS Newbie -can I believe all I read?

    I use a Synology DS213J obviously quite old now (I purchased it in 2014) I have 2 x 3TB WD Red drives in it and a Wireless adapter connected. I never had any issues, I've heard that Synology can be more geeky to set up than Drobo but I had no problems (found it quite easy). If your drives are external you can add them via USB to the Synology to give extra storage, you can also share the attached USB drive. Don't if this helps but hope it does.
  5. MacTetra

    Sendlater is gone Mailbutler is to expensive

    How about Mail Act-On https://smallcubed.com/mao/ £27.00 (not sure in dollars) it will send mail at a later time as well as other features, I've always found it reliable.