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    Convert existing user to Membership user?

    Thanks Huskermn. I'm not saying the process for extra podcasts is difficult to understand. Your clarification that the two are unrelated is helpful. So to clarify, the Forum login is my "public-facing" user, and the extra Podcast Membership login is simply for private use to make payment and get the extra feed? I'd be curious to know to why there is not a relationship between the two memberships. Seems like there might be some synergies for users and for the business side of the Maccast.
  2. I'm finally getting around to supporting the show by signing up for a membership. I have an existing username that gets me logged in to the forum, but the membership signup process seems to assume I have no account at all. It asks me to re-enter my info and choose a new user name. Shouldn't I be able to sign in with my existing Maccast Forum username and add a membership to that account? What am I missing? Thanks in advance!
  3. El Digit

    Front Row Video Help

    A great solution for this is Meta X, which is freeware. It provides a fast way to edit the metadata of your media and links with an online database to automate some of the entry. Check it out at http://www.kerstetter.net/index.php/projects/software/metax
  4. El Digit

    Parallels 4.0 for MAC

    Installed the upgrade and tried to start up the VM. Got a error that my .hdd was not valid! Parallels posted steps for the on their support area the same day and I was back in business. I do like the new printer selection method. This makes it much easier to change printer on the fly. I've also seen a modest improvement in responsiveness, but not enough to write home about.
  5. El Digit

    iTunes 5

    This is possible right now in iTunes 4.9. Drag your shows into a playlist and you're golden. Works on the iPod with "On-the-Go" as well!