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  1. Caleb Rascon

    iSync, Address Book and my Mobile

    I've been using iSync for a while now to import/export my Address Book contacts from my mobile. I'm living in the U.K., but I'm from Mexico, and I have a ton of contacts from each country that aren't useful in the other, so I've sorted my contacts into Groups depending on which country I've met them. I've also told iSync to export only the contacts from the appropiate Group that I've chosen depending on the country that I'm currently residing on. The problem is that everytime that I meet a new person and I get their number into my mobile and I sync my mobile with iSync, the new contact goes into the 'All' Group, not the Group that I've told iSync to sync from. This basically means that if I sync my phone later in the day (because of new calendar updates, etc.) that new contact is going to be deleted from my phone because it isn't on the Group that I've told iSync to sync from; it is in the Address Book, just not in that particular Group. For a while I needed to go into Address Book and manually copy the contacts that I knew were new (by comparing from the contact list from my mobile) into the appropiate Group, which was a hassle if I've met a lot of people that day, or if I haven't synced my mobile in a while. I thought that by using Smart Groups and filtering by area code in each one would solve my problem, but iSync only gives me the option to sync from normal groups, not Smart ones: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=301527 I've done what the article recommended: I created a normal Group called 'InMyPhone' and everytime after I sync my mobile I delete its content and drag everything from the apropiate Smart Group. It is still manual, but at least it takes less time. I found that I'm not the only one with this problem: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5025007 Has somebody found another workaround for this or another application that does a better job than iSync? Thanks a lot.
  2. Caleb Rascon


    AppleJack - http://applejack.sourceforge.net/ I searched on this forum for a review or mention of this piece of software and haven't found any. This utility runs in single-user mode (Command-S when booting) when you type 'applejack' without the quotes. Then it gives you a list of options that you can run: - Repair disk - Repair permissions - Cleanup cache files - Validate preference files - Remove swap files Or you can give it the option to run all of them sequentially (called the 'auto pilot' option). It comes incredibly handy for PowerBooks or MacBooks owners who are out on the road and want to do a simple 'Repair Disk' with Disk Utility, for whatever reason, only to find themselves with the option greyed out. To do such operation you need to have the boot partition unmounted, which is impossible because it needs to be mounted while MacOS is running. Many users don't carry their Install CD or DVD with them to do this, and even less an external drive to boot from (impractical and expensive). It comes even more handy when MacOS X doesn't start and you want to repair permissions without needing to boot up the system completely. Obviously, it doesn't replace hardcore disk utilities (DiskWarrior, TechTool Pro), but the handyness is obvious from my point of view. Here's a very good article about the software, although is quite old: http://www.macfixit.com/article.php?story=2005041817191411 The software is donationware and it's distributed with the GPL License, so it's a good deal all around. I've been using it since I've switched (two years now) and I highly recommend it.
  3. Caleb Rascon

    Not another Mac Spoof... by Novell

    good point... 30 million users, what does that come up to be in market share percentage? i've read somewhere that it was around 2.8% for desktops, and i suspect that 30 million doesn't add up to that... and even considering the 30 million users being all desktop users, i don't think that's bigger than Apple's 6% market share, meaning that 'yeah, you're an alternative, good for you, but not a very popular one at the moment'. people may choose to see this as 'the starting point' to step it up on popularity, but that has been done before. in all sincerity, though, i hope this one works... the more choices, the more alternatives, the better it goes for the user.
  4. Caleb Rascon

    Not another Mac Spoof... by Novell

    http://blog.wired.com/cultofmac/2007/03/novell_launches.html i like them, insightful even hehe...
  5. Caleb Rascon

    Blogger's Widget

    Hi, I send a voicemail to Adam sometime ago about this issue, but my timing was little bit off: it was just before MacWorld. And I didn't include my contact information on it, so he couldn't email me back with his thoughts about it. As you might have guessed, it went ignored. But, it was my first, so: sorry, my bad. I completely understand. Interestingly enough, he mentioned on a later podcast a reminder about including the contact information in a voicemail, coincidence? He he... Anyway, I've tried to search about this in the forum, but from what I've seen, this topic hasn't been talked about here. My issue is this: Some months ago, Google took over Blogger.com and made the 'new Blogger' which just came out of beta. Before this, I could use two different widgets (dashBlog and Google's own) to post directly to my blog, but now none of them work. I've searched the web all over for a different widget or a fix for these to no avail. Have you guys heard of this? Also, another reason why I voicemailed Adam was to raise another issue: don't you feel that Google is usually leaving the Mac aside? I mean, I know we aren't the target market share, and it makes a complete business sense to leave Apple users as a second priority. But c'mon, it's beeing MONTHS now that this problem has been there, and it isn't the only one: GMail is not working with all it's features in Safari, the Google Notifier came out way too late from it's PC counterpart (and, frankly, it's still buggy), and Safari is still an unsupported browser on Google Docs. Yes, I know using Firefox is a workaround for this, and the widgets are going to get fixed eventually so I should just post directly in the web page for now, but this is exactly my point: we're always stuck for a long time using workarounds and "for-now"s when it comes to Google. I'm fine using them when I know that a fix or an answer is coming, and it might be on all of these issues, but sometimes I just feel completely and painfully ignored and more like sixth or tenth priority than a second one. Google has, for me, being the best thing that the Internet has to offer this day in age. My main search engine, my main photo sharing application (with PicasaWeb), my main email account, my main blogging system, my main map locater, all have been provided by Google. They have also contributed to the iPhone (my future main phone) with Google Maps. So, don't get me wrong, I'm aware of how much has Google has contributed to the Mac, and I don't want this post to sound as Google-bashing. It just that, sometimes, this contributions come too late in the game for us. What do you guys think? I might pull up a poll on this. Thanks for your time.