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  1. Just want to let anyone who was interested know that the iPod nano 5th Gen DOES work fine on a G4 Mac with USB 1.1 It won't work on a G3 because iTunes 9 isn't supported. G4 Macs are supported though, and although syncing via USB 1.1 is slow, it works fine! So, if you have an older Mac and need a new iPod, you can be assured. Oh, and thankyou to the really helpful chap in Currys.Digital in Maidstone who helped me test out the theory!
  2. Bit of a last resort tactic maybe? Surely someone on this forum has a new iPod nano and an older Mac to try it with? I don't see that my old PBG3 and my Mum's iMac G4 can be "that" different, but there is 4 years between then?
  3. That's fairly reassuring, but when I connect my iPod touch (1st Gen) to my PowerBook G3, it just comes up with a message to say that USB 2 is needed! I guess Apple either artificially enforce this lack of backward compatibility through software / firmware, or are using some sort of controller chip in the iPod touch that doesn't support backward compatibility? But it would be good to know if the 4th / 5th Gen iPod nano will work on older Macs before I recommend for my Mum to upgrade!
  4. rickt42uk

    Smart folders

    Actually, I think iTunes 9 has broken this. I have an iPod touch with the new 3.1 software on it, and all my smart playlists have gone awry on it. I think there's a lack of communication between the guys creating the new smart playlist features in iTunes and the guys updating the firmware on the iPods - fingers crossed for a fix soon!
  5. I am looking to get a new iPod nano to replace my Mum's Third Generation iPod. However, she has an older iMac G4 with USB 1.1 ports. Is it possible to make the iPod nano work on this machine? Is it possible to get an adaptor to connect the device to either the FireWire or Ethernet port? Or can the iPod be fooled into thinking the USB 1.1 port is actually a USB 2.0 port? She really doesn't care if syncing is slow. If anyone has an iPod nano 4G or 5G, and an older Mac, can they test to see if the device is recognised?
  6. rickt42uk

    HELP! Graphics issues on iMac G5 (iSight)

    Yes, I thought it could be this as well - rather than a dodgy GPU (which is probably the obvious thing to suspect) - any ideas on how to go about further diagnosing the issue? I will have to try the Leopard installer disk to check it out - or even a full reinstall of Leopard? Shame it's virtually impossible to get these models open to remove the internal RAM and just try it with the new stick (which was always fine in my old G5 iMac!)
  7. I just tried installing a 1GB RAM stick in a 17" iMac G5 (iSight). The machine has 512MB of RAM (the standard), and a 1.9Ghz processor. It is running Mac OS X 10.5.7. My friend, who owns the iMac told me she'd been seeing some weird graphics artefacts and had been having several lock-ups on the computer which required a forced restart to fix. I didn't know what to make of this and said I'd check it out when I went to install the RAM for them. The problem alarmed me - rather than a few stray black lines that I had been told about, I found all of the following issues. 1. Black / White or Transparent lines on windows and toolbars. These were particularly predominant on menus and other semi-transparent parts of the screen, but also occurred on solid windows - such as Safari. 2. Blank screen - the screen would just go blank after a few moments. 3. Screen freezes - everything on screen would stop other than the arrow. Sometimes this would stick as an arrow, or sometimes as a beachball. 4. A really strange phenomena when I opened a browser page and suddenly the left of the screen slowly faded to black, while the right went white. This went in increments as I watched with the image of the desktop distorted behind it, burning out. To try to fix the problem I took the following steps: 1. Reinstalled Mac OS X 10.5.7 Combo Update. This had no effect. 2. Repaired permissions. (I didn't expect that to help anyway) 3. Tried booting into a second user account on the computer (again, all the same problems were there - even worse on the other account in fact. 4. Unplugged all peripherals (no effect) 5. Removed the 1GB memory stick I had just installed - this appeared to fix the issue and I thought that maybe this was causing it. However, after a few minutes of normal operations, the problems all came back. Just to clarify - the problems apparently started a week or so ago (this might coincide with the owner installing Mac OS X 10.5.7, but I can't be sure), at this point the computer only had its built-in 512MB RAM. With the additional 1GB RAM that I installed, the problems seemed to be worse. I know there is nothing wrong with the RAM as I had been using it in my iMac G5 up until this point. I initially suspected the problem was the graphics drivers - as the problem occurred after upgrading to OS X 10.5.7, though I wondered if the problem could be the GPU itself? However, I am now wondering if it's a RAM issue as additional RAM makes the problem worse - would having more in the computer change the way that the internal RAM is being accessed and mean that the end addresses of the built-in RAM are being accessed more quickly when additional memory is installed? I was unable to find out if the machine would work alright if booting from the Leopard or original install Tiger DVD - as I didn't have time to check these. Please advise me what I can do to diagnose the problem further, or what the owner can do to fix the problem.
  8. rickt42uk

    HELP! Small PCB glued to Hard disk!

    Yes, I asked someone else last night and they thought it might be a temperature gauge. The drive is a Western Digital Caviar SE. Model number: WD1600JS-40MVB1. I should be getting a new drive soon, and try to fit it without the temperature chip, fingers crossed it will all work!
  9. Hey all I've just removed the hard disk from my defunct iMac G5 (with iSight). However, there was a little circuit board glued onto the drive so tightly that I was unable to get it off without damaging it. There was another one the same stuck to the DVD drive with some doubled-sided tape. A friend of mine who works with PCs suggested that it might be an accelerometer to stop the hard disk from running if the iMac is suddenly moved. So, I need to know: 1: What is it? Is it really an accelerometer? 2: Will the computer work ok without it? 3: Where can I get a replacement? Here are some photos of the board. Please help! I want to get this right before I fit a new hard disk in the machine as it is so complex to close the iMac up!
  10. Ok, now I'm worried! At least the Time Machine back-up is better than nothing. Though a super-duper clone would have meant I could carry on using my current iMac, but obviously would have been more complicated when moving to the new machine as it obviously would need a different boot map to be bootable on the Intel. Still hoping someone knows something about using a Time Machine back-up to restore a new computer.
  11. Hey. I think I know the answer already, but I'm just checking that what I have planned is right... My iMac G5 died and I'm going to have a shiny new Intel Core2Duo model turning up in a few days time. Everything on my system was backed up in Time Machine (well, up to an hour before the computer died anyway). I'm going to assume that all I need to do when it arrives is to plug the drive into the new Mac, insert the Leopard DVD that comes with the new machine, and then find the 'Restore from Time Machine' option to pull all the stuff from my old Mac onto the new one. I really hope that's all there is to it anyway! I really hope that it doesn't make any difference that one in PowerPC and the other is Intel - I know the OS on both machines is Universal already, so that's pretty reassuring. If anyone has been through recovering a Time Machine onto a different computer, please let me know how it went, and anything I need to be aware of. eg: Do I need to wipe the pre-installed system off my new machine before I can put the new stuff back? Or will it intelligently work out what needs updating or not from the back-up? Mild panic here while I wait to see if my iPhoto library, etc has survived, as my last DVD back-up is a few months old. Thanks for any tips / advice / reassurance, etc. What a day to run out of cigarettes, huh?
  12. rickt42uk

    Hard Disk specs for iMac G5 w/ iSight needed!

    Thank you! Have decided to get a new iMac and finally make the jump to Intel. Hopefully won't have any problems as everything is backed up on Time Machine. But might still see about sorting the HDD so that I can resell the G5 on eBay, or pass on to other family members.
  13. Hi all My iMac G5 w/ iSight has just died. It won't boot, and all that happens is that I hear the hard disk clicking. When I boot from my Leopard DVD, I can recognise my External Time Machine disk, but the internal hard disk doesn't even show up as a device - let alone as a volume. I want to replace the drive. My local Apple reseller is very good about installing parts that I buy myself, rather than using parts from Apple - which tend to be over-priced. So, I need to know the exact spec for the Hard Disk for the iMac w/ iSight drive. I am pretty sure that any 2.5" SATA drive should be fine, but I need to know for sure so I can find an appropriate drive to fit. Sadly, because this model of iMac is so hard to open, I'm going to have to pay to fix it rather than doing that myself. Thanks in advance for any help! Oh, and thank goodness for Time Machine!
  14. Hey there. I've just purchased a new 1TB USB 2 hard disk. I've been using a 320GB drive for the last few months, but now it's full up. What do I need to do to move from one drive to the other with Time Machine? I am planning to use the restore facility in Disk Utility to copy all the data from the old disk to the new drive, and then make sure they're named the same. Obviously, what I'm hoping is that Time Machine can be fooled into thinking it's the same drive and just carry on updating my current Time Machine files - rather than losing all my old backed up files and then having to do a whole new back-up. Any ideas on a smooth transition?
  15. rickt42uk

    Non-destructive Hard Disk Partitioning?

    Yep, but somehow Apple has made it pretty safe. My Mac is PowerPC, so it's not an option and even then, I am pretty sure it's for the Internal HD only.