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  1. I've noticed recently that the audio in quicktime movies, or any other sort of movie that I play in quicktime player is reversed left for right. I'm running os 10.4.6 and qt 7.1 and I've got a couple of plugins for divx and wmv installed as well. The problem has been around since before this update, I don't know when it started. Audio in everything else is as it should be, exclusively quicktime player showing the problem. If anyone has had this problem and/or knows a solution it would be greatly apreciated. Thanks MacCast community and Adam for making it possible to ask about my problem.
  2. Tailus

    iPod Nano Spoof Ad. Funny.

    http://www.uriah.com/apple-qt/ipod-classic2-spoof.html New link :wink:
  3. Tailus

    new itunes look

    That may be the case, but it's certainly cleaner and smaller than it used to be.
  4. Tailus

    ipod eq

    It's impossible to assign custom eqs in any way shape of form with an ipod short of hard encoding the eq setting into the tracks. (ie: re-compress your music with the filter). That's why I shelled out $300 on a korean flash player and no longer use my iPod. A damn shame really, but custom eq is such a vital feature that the brilliance of the ipod in every other way can't make up for it.
  5. I hadn't. The fact that you have to do that in order to get a different order of tracks is what i'd call a design flaw.
  6. Exactly. It means if i decide i want to hear a particlar track and then random tracks after it, those tracks will be exactly the same every time. It's a shame that it doesn't work properly is all. /rant.
  7. oooooh yes it does. pick a track you like in the library, double click it with shuffle turned on and then hit track forward a few times. Make a not of the order of tracks, then see if you can find that track in your library again, double click it once more and it'll play the same tracks in the same order after it. The track you start on seems to seed the random order, does it exactly the same way every time.
  8. Tailus

    iPod nano Autopsy

    Well worth doing. Lots of people get to see the insides, and for those saying "they should have given it to me" it's not like they ever would have anyway, so nothing lost, everything gained
  9. Just making the point that Apple clearly missed the fact that the shuffle feature in iTunes always plays tracks in the same order based on the first track played. Disappointing that they still haven't addressed this issue in 5.0
  10. Tailus

    Mac-ish Two-button Mouse

    beware of the weight of wireless mice. I've never found one that was light enough to no severely compromise accuracy and wrist comfort. Logitech mx510 is the best mouse I've found (inspite of it's ugly red/black colour scheme). reasonably light and can track on my polished white desktop.
  11. Tailus

    Let me see your Mac!

    Some nice gear, especially jealous of those of you with powerbooks =P~ Here's my baby G5 O:) /hugs his mac