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  1. Has the problem with iTunes mp3 compression has been fixed? A few weeks ago Adam mentioned quality issues with encoding the MacCast using iTunes 5 (I think). I wondered if this had been fixed with the release of 6.
  2. PaulJ

    track names

    Definitely spooky the first time that happens (only once to me, so far). The LP I had transferred to CD was a BBC Sound Effects Record, and had 66 tracks, so the database probably didn't have that much to choose from....
  3. Apologies if this has already been covered here, but I couldn't find it. I've found that some of my albums aren't displaying album art on the iPod (60G iPod photo), while they do display art in iTunes (4.9 Win XP). Previously I've fixed this by switching off 'Display album artwork on your iPod', then updating the iPod (all the artwork is then deleted from the iPod). I've then switched 'Display album art...' back on and updated the iPod again (and waited a fair time while it optimizes and transfers the artwork). This procedure no longer works for me, stopping during the 'optimizing' process with an 'unknown error -50'. And now, of course, I've no album art at all displaying on the iPod. Anyone any ideas?
  4. PaulJ

    iTunes 5

    This is possible right now in iTunes 4.9. Drag your shows into a playlist and you're golden. Works on the iPod with "On-the-Go" as well! Since Podcasts are stored outside the main library, I'd like there to be a kind of smart playlist that works only within the podcasts. Not sure how relevant this is, but I've found that once you "select all" in Podcasts, and drag the selection to make a new playlist, and then delete the new playlist, the iTunes-downloaded podcasts will then appear in any smart playlists you've set up (inluding when synced to iPod). This is the Windows version of iTunes 4.9 (am I allowed to mention that here? :wink: )