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  1. m4c

    Joost beta invite?

    since joost is giving unlimited invites, everyone who has an account should be able to give away lots of invites. I would appreciate if someone can send me one... been several months since I signed up for Beta but no luck so far. mail987 [at] yahoo.com
  2. m4c

    Why I won't get a mighty mouse

    mighty came with my mac but I hardly use it... been using old logitech usb mouse. anyone know if logitech mx1000 and similar wireless mouse are good for gaming? I heard bluetooth is kinda slow for gaming?
  3. i used app zapper.. worked fine.
  4. m4c

    Printing only odd pages?

    is there a way to print double sided if the printer supports it? I have an hp that supports double sided printing but the mac drivers don't allow it. any solution?
  5. m4c

    Adobe CS 3 experiences

    UB was this only reason I upgraded... now satisfied
  6. m4c

    Firefox always saves to desktop

    I've been dealing with this same issue. But I changed the default download location so that I can just empty that folder without thinking about it. I would like to know if there is a permanent solution for this.
  7. m4c

    Joost beta invite?

    I signed up for the Joost Beta in February but still haven't received an invite. Been waiting patiently and checking my Spam folder regurlarly... hopefully soon. If anyone here has an extra invite, I would really appreciate one: mail987 [at] yahoo [dot] com thanks
  8. m4c

    HD-DVD on iMac intel

    I have a hd-dvd movie FOLDER on my hard drive. How can I play it? What app? I know PowerDVD can play hd-dvd but I would have to bootcamp and copy the > 20GB movie on my small WinXP partition. And quicktime can only play hd-dvd you create on your mac. -- I tried VLC: I open the EVO file of the movie and there was NO video. the sound was great but would stop momentarily every few seconds. I also opened the EVO of the extra stuff (Director's commentary, etc..) and the video worked but was not good quality (especially considering it's HD).. it was shaking every few seconds. Also there was NO audio. I think VLC has very limited support for EVO and is really buggy. VLC will eventually support HD-DVD but is PowerDVD/WinXP/Bootcamp the only solution for now? Maybe I'll try Parallels once I get it to work. Any help would be appreciated, THANKS!