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    I want to check out some more sites on my mac, so if u want, we can exchange urls. Private text me if u want to! Oh, and please answer the poll question- i may use the response on my website!
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    My first mac

    Congrats! I also just got my mac, and I'm also thrilled! Did u get iWork yet? If not, I reccomend it! I'm using it like crazy! But wait until the "event" on February 20th.
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    My new iMac core 2 duo...

  4. ericla93

    My new iMac core 2 duo...

    I was not at all surprised, mainly because i couldn't stop going to the apple store to use it.... but the iMac is incredible. I've been using the webcam and apple remote like crazy, and I'm loving it! I can't believe that I got it! My mac story is simple, ever since I've gotten my first computer, a Dell (booooooo), I've wanted an iMac, because my Dell couldn't stop being infected with viruses. Plus, I loved how the webcam and remote were built in/included with the computer! When I finally got my iMac, on the day of my bar mitzvah, I was sooo happy! And this marks the end of my drama! My iMac is AWESOME! Done deal. The end!