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  1. minibook

    weard battery in iPod mini

    I got it back today (friday) i took it in on sunday, it's quite interesting, they are very clever, i have wanted them to replace it with a 2gen, no go, i got a brand new 1gen, still in plastic, it's amazing, by the time i got it back, i didn't really care if it was a 1gen or a 2gen, i just wanted the iPod back!!!!!
  2. minibook

    weard battery in iPod mini

    as it turns out, it was a dodgy battery, i have about 150 days left of warranty, so i took it to my local apple centre (authrised apple dealer, cause i'm in australia), they've taken it from me, and they said they will just replace it with a new iPod, so i hope it will be a new 2gen, not a new 1gen!! mainly for the bettery, but i like the new blue better. havn't gotten it back yet, i've been without it for about 4 days, i hope to get it back soon!!!!
  3. I need some assistance with my iPod mini, I perchased my iPod about last october, and the battery is really weard, sometimes i will get not even a song out of it (as soon as i press play it will say "no bettery power reamins, please connect iPod to a power outlet") and other times I will get 5 or 6 hours out if it, please help me, what can I do, it's quote annoying, because you can't trust it. thanx
  4. minibook

    iTunes 5

    I don't agree with that, I think that the podcasts are always stored in the library, i havn't done any of that, and they have hsowed up in my smart playlists, they are just in the genre of "Podcast"!
  5. minibook

    3 Button Mouse for the Mac

    I think it's funny, because apple says on their Shake 4 website Under "tech Specs" I just think it's funny that apple doesn't sell one of their own as an option for professional users, that they can just go and buy, the ocmputer would come with a 1 button one (like now) but they can go and buy the apple 3 button, anyway, jjust thought I would add that in.