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  1. I want to upgrade 5 of my G5 Macs to Leopard. We have a Windows 2003 server with Active Directory and Exchange running on it. I am looking for advice on the best practices of using Leopard on a Windows network. If anybody can offer tips, tricks, links to articles, or personal experience I really appreciate it.
  2. I am the system administrator of a small network of Macs running Mac OS 10.3.9 and Windows XP systems. On the Macs we are using Entourage X to connect to the MS Exchange 2003 server. I understand that Entourage X is dated software and an upgrade or change is in order. I checked into upgrading to Entourage 2004 but MS made it impossible to buy just Entourage. I would have to buy the whole office package and I don't want to do that. Entourage is acting up more often now and I would like to find a solution. Does anyone know of a mail app that will connect to an Exchange server and have the similer features as Entourage 2004? My main concerns are to view mail and access the calendar.