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  1. SkippyChalmers

    How to eliminate application completely?

    Good to hear Firas! I've personally really appreciated appzappers' wizard menu, which it scans your entire hard drive and lists system pref panes, apps and more that have been installed... pretty neat! I'll still need to check out clean app, although I think I'm going to stick with appzapper!
  2. SkippyChalmers

    something similar to CCleaner for Mac?

    Oh yeah. Definitely recommend this, used to use it all the time till 10.4.9 came out and it wasn't supported... just noticed they've updated to support 10.4.9 now, off to blog about it now. Thx Clark
  3. SkippyChalmers

    Anyone tried google desktop

    Quicksilver is good yes, I'll make allowances for it replacing spotlight, and I'm a google fan so naturally I'd go after any new products they have... However, personally, neither of these two apps beat spotlight. I just don't get it! Why do ppl keep making new search utilities for the mac? We should've been done with quicksilver! Spotlight is perfect for most of us, even power-users, and quicksilver is alternative for real, real hungry power users, or productivity gurus like Merlin Mann. *respect* </rant>
  4. SkippyChalmers

    something similar to CCleaner for Mac?

    Onyx, and write-over free space. You'll be fine.
  5. SkippyChalmers

    Visual HTML Editor

    Take the time to learn html, it's your best investment here, and its really not that difficult. Html has got to be the next easiest language out there, css is even easier. TextMate is a wonderful app for this, after you learn html, xhtml 1.0 and css, you can start with php Otherwise if visual editing is really that important, get dreamweaver, which will allow for future expansion and flexibility. Don't forget that even Dreamweaver's wysiwyg editor drools out some terrible, terrible code, try and keep it w3c compliant. good luck!
  6. SkippyChalmers

    Show off your Desktop

    Thanks Firas!!! Btw... i never use that bsod one.. .ever. It was just a joke. I found a lot of my desktop images from: http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/categories.php?id=71 I just realised how over-bloated and messy my desktop post was. Sry about that guys! Peace.
  7. SkippyChalmers

    Show off your Desktop

    here are a few snaps of my desktops:
  8. SkippyChalmers

    CSS/HTML Coder Wanted

    Hey, try not to use caps for html tags as its not xhtml 1.0 w3c compliant. <a></a> therefore define the css as a:link And if you want to change the link style for content in a specific div or zone (with an id for eg. of 'mydiv' ) #mydiv a:link { } gl!
  9. SkippyChalmers

    When will you buy leapord?

    I'll buy Leapord on day ONE! lol but tbh, Tiger doesn't crash, works perfectly, has everything I need... Apple almost gave its users no reason to bother upgrading, but i think they'll have some aces up sleeves.
  10. SkippyChalmers

    Self-Defense Show - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

    oh yay! I used to listen to your podcast a way back, was great fun. Thouroughly endorse and recommend it!
  11. SkippyChalmers

    my crazy mighty mouse

    *cries* Hurty wrist! Hurty Wrist! Mighty mouse is your friend! *ohoh. that was a pointless post par moi*
  12. SkippyChalmers

    Total n00b Inside...

    Hey, I guess I'm a newbie on the forums here too, but just to throw in my welcome to the forums! Nice to have you here, and nice hardware!
  13. SkippyChalmers

    How do i burn a cd or dvd?

    iSquint works.. its free and check it out at: http://www.isquint.org/
  14. SkippyChalmers

    New to Skype and need help

    Have you had any luck with this yet?
  15. SkippyChalmers

    Spoof/fake IP

    I think you mean a proxy server, the free ones are generally dead slow, but you could opt to pay for a service. Also if you're ISP assigns you dynamic IP's (most do), then just turn your router off, wait 5 minutes and turn it back on again to change IP.