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    How to eliminate application completely?

    Good to hear Firas! I've personally really appreciated appzappers' wizard menu, which it scans your entire hard drive and lists system pref panes, apps and more that have been installed... pretty neat! I'll still need to check out clean app, although I think I'm going to stick with appzapper!
  2. SkippyChalmers

    something similar to CCleaner for Mac?

    Oh yeah. Definitely recommend this, used to use it all the time till 10.4.9 came out and it wasn't supported... just noticed they've updated to support 10.4.9 now, off to blog about it now. Thx Clark
  3. SkippyChalmers

    Anyone tried google desktop

    Quicksilver is good yes, I'll make allowances for it replacing spotlight, and I'm a google fan so naturally I'd go after any new products they have... However, personally, neither of these two apps beat spotlight. I just don't get it! Why do ppl keep making new search utilities for the mac? We should've been done with quicksilver! Spotlight is perfect for most of us, even power-users, and quicksilver is alternative for real, real hungry power users, or productivity gurus like Merlin Mann. *respect* </rant>
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    something similar to CCleaner for Mac?

    Onyx, and write-over free space. You'll be fine.
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    Visual HTML Editor

    Take the time to learn html, it's your best investment here, and its really not that difficult. Html has got to be the next easiest language out there, css is even easier. TextMate is a wonderful app for this, after you learn html, xhtml 1.0 and css, you can start with php Otherwise if visual editing is really that important, get dreamweaver, which will allow for future expansion and flexibility. Don't forget that even Dreamweaver's wysiwyg editor drools out some terrible, terrible code, try and keep it w3c compliant. good luck!
  6. SkippyChalmers

    Show off your Desktop

    Thanks Firas!!! Btw... i never use that bsod one.. .ever. It was just a joke. I found a lot of my desktop images from: http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/categories.php?id=71 I just realised how over-bloated and messy my desktop post was. Sry about that guys! Peace.
  7. SkippyChalmers

    Show off your Desktop

    here are a few snaps of my desktops:
  8. SkippyChalmers

    CSS/HTML Coder Wanted

    Hey, try not to use caps for html tags as its not xhtml 1.0 w3c compliant. <a></a> therefore define the css as a:link And if you want to change the link style for content in a specific div or zone (with an id for eg. of 'mydiv' ) #mydiv a:link { } gl!
  9. SkippyChalmers

    When will you buy leapord?

    I'll buy Leapord on day ONE! lol but tbh, Tiger doesn't crash, works perfectly, has everything I need... Apple almost gave its users no reason to bother upgrading, but i think they'll have some aces up sleeves.
  10. SkippyChalmers

    MainMenu Review

    I've been spreading the MainMenu love for a while now, but it really deserves it. MainMenu deals primarily with the maintenance of your mac, from everything like restarting the dock or dashboard to showing or hiding invisible files in finder, its simply a powerhouse hidden behind a nifty icon that resides up by the land of Airport & Bluetooth. ( I've named it the AirBlueSpot ) Rather than rewrite my entire review, I'm going to be very cheeky and post a link to it on my blog. Excuse the spelling errors! http://www.mactake.streamk.com/2007/02/mai...-nifty-app.html Thanks, hope you understand the state of general rampant RSI i'm experiencing right now * oops. forgot to include a link to the mainmenu homepage, its: http://www.santasw.com/ And also: MainMenu is Free. Glorious free. *
  11. SkippyChalmers

    Self-Defense Show - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

    oh yay! I used to listen to your podcast a way back, was great fun. Thouroughly endorse and recommend it!
  12. SkippyChalmers

    my crazy mighty mouse

    *cries* Hurty wrist! Hurty Wrist! Mighty mouse is your friend! *ohoh. that was a pointless post par moi*
  13. SkippyChalmers

    Total n00b Inside...

    Hey, I guess I'm a newbie on the forums here too, but just to throw in my welcome to the forums! Nice to have you here, and nice hardware!
  14. SkippyChalmers

    How do i burn a cd or dvd?

    iSquint works.. its free and check it out at: http://www.isquint.org/
  15. SkippyChalmers

    New to Skype and need help

    Have you had any luck with this yet?
  16. SkippyChalmers

    Spoof/fake IP

    I think you mean a proxy server, the free ones are generally dead slow, but you could opt to pay for a service. Also if you're ISP assigns you dynamic IP's (most do), then just turn your router off, wait 5 minutes and turn it back on again to change IP.
  17. SkippyChalmers

    Is a .Mac account worth the money?

    I've found it easy enough just to use a gmail account, with 2gb storage, email, chat, docs etc its all most ppl need. But then again i'm lucky enough to have an ftp server complete with 1500 imap mail boxes xD Some perks come with the job
  18. SkippyChalmers

    I need some testers for my new website

    Hey there, I too am a full time web developer and designer ( and I still love getting feedback and tips for my own sites ). Looking over your site which seems nicely put together and thought out, there was just a few constructive points I could give you: W3C compliance. This is ever increasingly more important, make sure, if you can, that you site matches up to their validator, looking at your source I don't think there will be too much editing for you to do before it validates as XHTML compliant. Check out how you did at: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%...;doctype=Inline Logo Design I think you've got the right approach here, just by spicing up the logo, your entire site will have a completely different feel. Having a smooth slick logo means everything to a new user. Try smoothing out your vectors a little and going for something slick.*hoho word repetition* I recommend something white without the embossed oval. If you're keen I can help you on the photoshop side of things. CSS Just some quick tips for your CSS file, which on the whole seems pretty neat. make sure the 'a' class refers specifically to a:link or a:hover. You might also want to add in a:visited. They should be in this order: a:link, a:visited { } a:hover { } Dont forget that height 100% is a little buggy on most browsers at best, and your filter for the drop shadows isn't w3c standards compliant, you might want to look into alternative ways of generating that. Also, with your center wrap, make sure to include text-align:center; in there too, it'll help older browsers know what to do with the site. If you're doing that then also add in to your content div the clause: text-align:left; to ensure text doesnt splurge into the center uncontrollably. One last logo/css tip Try putting in the image as a background image to div, using the clauses display:block, background-image:url();, background-position:center top; etc. You can pop a link round it or include a javascript onClick() function. On the whole though, I would say top notch. Job well done Good luck with the site, hope it all works out! Best, James *edited for some spelling mistakes, probably missed some more as well
  19. SkippyChalmers

    The Ultimate Mac Keyboard Shortcut List

    Incredible!!!!! Sweeet find Firas, soon as I have a chance I'll be blogging about it and linking back to you Thanks! *edit* Apple should really, really update that picture of the camera. Looks more OS 7ish than Tiger! But still, amazing functionality!
  20. SkippyChalmers

    Should I wait to buy an iMac?

    Yeup. It is. Lol. *hmm? Course i didn't just type it into safari to check*
  21. SkippyChalmers

    Mac maintenence and .Mac accounts.

    Hah! Just realized my last post was not even coherant at best, sorry guys, I had just got out of a full day of French exams. Thanks Neil and Graham, Im going to head over the right now and check out that app and link! I forgot to mention yesterday, that a while ago I stumbled across a really interesting and useful app, from http://www.santasw.com/ Its called MainMenu, rather than retype my entire review i'll be cheeky and link you all to it over at: http://www.mactake.streamk.com/2007/02/mai...-nifty-app.html ! xD!
  22. SkippyChalmers

    Mac maintenence and .Mac accounts.

    Sweet might check out whatsize or something. Ginamos, do you think it'd be okay if you explained what kind of housekeeping / (ie. the benefits) of leaving the mac on overnight for me? It'd be really cool to know, whether or not its worth me leaving the whole shin-dig on. Only problem i could see is that the iMac is kind of noisy fanwise.. dunno if thats just mine though. Will putting it to sleep have any effect on the housekeeping? *excited old mac user feeling like a newbie again*
  23. SkippyChalmers

    Top 10 Mac Apps for New Users

    Safari sucks???? *goes into happy corner* But its so.... good! Okay, I digress.
  24. SkippyChalmers


    Okay, ive been convinced enough to at least give quicksilver a decent try, I've resisted for well, ages because I just couldn't be bothered adding another featured packed utility to my life, but now, it looks like it might be worth it. Thanks Firas. ( & y'all)
  25. SkippyChalmers

    copying text

    No probs neil_jo, ( i get this feeling you already knew anyway , right ? ) Yeah Firas (thanks ), I noticed that too, from what i can tell its just a plaintext file that (seems) read only, that is opened by finder. Note sure what to do about that, but I guess if you are going to need to edit it you can just drag it into pages or any other text-editing app window. I use it all the time for quoting websites/news articles... just drag to desktop and if i want to use it later ill just drag the file and drop it in the appropriate window. Odd that Apple hasn't including any writability for the clippings, or even selecting. At any rate it still makes life a lot easier for me, hopefully someone more qualified will be able to come up with a way to force textedit to open the clipping automatically ( its assigned to open in finder, changing that to textedit results in it automatically being reverted back ).