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  1. Switched

    on-screen keyboard

    Ignoracious that's an impressively comprehensive reply, cheers. almighty_apork, I found the 'keyboard viewer' and also checked the 'character map' box. After taking a look at the character map it looked familiar from my time exploring OS X. I then realised it appears on all applications under the 'Edit' tab within 'special characters' this method should suffice for what I need. The shortcuts will come in very handy. Thanks guys.
  2. Switched

    on-screen keyboard

    Hi I'm sure I've either heard this on the MacCast or possibly wandered across this functionality while ambling around OS X but can't seem to locate it again and I'm beginning to think it was all a dream... Here's what I want to achieve: I want to be able to bring up a keyboard on my screen in the hope that this will aid typing characters that have accents on them. If this is not the right way to go about this, where do I need to look to be able to type characters with accents? I'm relatively new to the Mac community and it just gets better and better. Thanks for any help Darren
  3. Having only recently seen the light and Switched over to the Mac community I've been happily using iWeb. iWeb is fine as a WYSIWYG but has its limitations so I've asked a friend about some software that would allow more flexibility. The software that has been recommended is called 'Freeway' by softpress. I'm about to look into it now, if there are any comments on this particular package I would be interested to hear them. Here's the URL http://www.softpress.com
  4. Switched

    Which iMac To Buy?

    Hi Drewbean You could apply the same rule of thumb as when buying one of those machines that has you tearing your hair out, I am now bald and referring to the PC. Anyway, blow as much on the machine as you can afford. I didn't base my purchase on what apps I was going to be running I plumbed for what I could (un)reasonably afford, hoping for a long and happy future together. I managed to jump in at the top end and bought a very nice iMac 24" and maxed all the upgrades, CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD, wireless K&M and extended warranty. A note of caution though. If/when you get your machine, make sure you pay attention to the 'Short Name' you choose when you first go through the initialisation process, it's stuck for the life of the machine. You can, I'm told create another account and transfer your data over but that sounds like too much hard work? Whatever you decide to do I'm pretty certain you won't be disappointed! Take care Darren
  5. Switched


    Bummer! I expected that would be the case, James. When I received my 24" iMac I was obviously so excited about starting my Mac experience I failed to pay attention to the on-screen text. It's no big deal, I'm just fussy I guess but not that fussy that I'd go to the trouble of creating another account and performing a transfer - sounds like hard work? Please forgive my delay. I did attempt a reply yesterday but the Interweb to Maccast was 'dog-locked' and wouldn't progress my post. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Take care Darren
  6. Switched


    Hi All Just a quick one. I'm new to the world of the Macintosh (Nov 06) and have one small question: In Accounts, is it possible to change the 'Short Name', mine is currently grayed out. I've searched the forum but cannot find anything relating to this, hope you can help. Cheers