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    Mail.app rejecting Yahoo password

    I should have mentioned I did get suckered into paying for their "Mail plus" so that's not the problem. My passwords are numbers and letters so that's not it. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  2. So this problem has been ongoing even before Leopard. I have mail.app setup for my yahoo and gmail accounts (gmail works fine) From time to time when it automatically checks for email it prompts me for the password. It comes up and says the password is invalid (which of course it's not). This could happen as many as 5-10 times in a row before it decides to accept the password. Sometimes it won't do for 4 or 5 days. Other days this can happen 20-30 times per day. I've been through all the yahoo technical support and they tell me the problem is not on their end. I've tried removing the mail account and adding it again. I've also tried reinstalling the mail application. Neither have solved the problem. Any help would be great! Thanks
  3. I just did my upgrade to Leopard on Friday and decided to give mail.app a try. I setup my yahoo email account in the app. I was wondering if there is a way to transfer my folders (that I created) in Yahoo email to Mail.app ? The folders didn't automatically transfer nor did any of the messages other than what was in my Inbox. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  4. Well I just finished off my third migty mouse by throwing it against the wall. Can anyone recomend a mouse for use with the mac that will allow me to use the expose feauture. It doesn't have to be cordless, I actually think I would prefer corded. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. thanks, I don't know why i didn't think of that. I guess im trying to make it more complicated then it needed to be.
  6. I have a folder of 8-10 .mov files. I would like them all to play in sequence. Is there an easy way to do that ? Or the other option would be to join them all together, I know I could copy and paste them all in Quicktime pro, but is there a better way ? Thanks for any and all suggestions.
  7. I ended up doing the erase from disk utility. Then ran restore from iTunes. I just plugged my iPod back in and the same thing happens. It shows up on the desktop but won't show in iTunes. Any ideas ? I'll have to check the receipt but I'm pretty sure this is still under warranty.
  8. I'm having trouble syncing my iPod with iTunes. The icon shows up on the desktop and the ipod displays the usual do not disconnect logo. The problem is it won't show up in iTunes. No little logo on the left side of the screen and needless to say it doesn't update. My iPhone however still syncs fine and shows up in iTunes. Any ideas on this? Thanks for any and all tips.
  9. I've been using visual hub to convert .flv files to .mp4. Recently i've enountered some videos that visual hub won't convert. It says flash 8 isn't supported. Anybody know any software that will convert flash 8 .flv files to .mp4 or .avi or .mpg ?? Thanks !
  10. weeks82

    Problem upgrading to 10.4.10

  11. weeks82

    Problem upgrading to 10.4.10

    awesome, i was able to boot to the backup. Whats the best way to get the current data off the computer ? How do i add that to the week old back up i already have ? or should i make a new bootable backup of the whole hard drive ?
  12. weeks82

    Problem upgrading to 10.4.10

    how do i boot from an external ? just hook it up and boot ? does it have to be firewire or USB ? sorry for being a newbie at this but ive never had a mac problem before. thanks!
  13. So i upgraded my imac to 10.4.10 last nite and now it won't boot. It starts to boot normally then a message comes up and says i need to restart again, which needless to say doesn't help and leads to the same message. There's a bunch of codes on the top left. The first one being "unable to find driver for this platform "ACPI". Any suggestions ? I've never had a problem like this before. I do have a super duper made backup from about a week ago, if all else fails. But there are files added since then i would like to keep. Hopefully it doesn't come to that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Just wondering if anyone has found software to download flash based videos from websites. I'm familiar with several ways of downloading youtube and google videos but am looking for something that works with other sites. Thanks for any and all help.
  15. weeks82

    Increasing mouse acceleration/tracking speed

    awesome!!! Just what i was looking for. Thanks! -Brian