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  1. matchmike

    avi to dv

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping for some help in converting some .avi files to .dv format so I can make a dvd in iDVD. Any idea how to accomplish this?
  2. matchmike

    a happy switcher

    having been a pc owner for 10 years, i found no reason to limit myself to the small market offered by apple and its products. sure, they looked good and everyone in the movies and on tv had them, but i couldn't understand why i'd pay more for a machine that was nowhere near as versatile. then i got an ipod. my eyes opened to the world of the mac, and how dead easy everything SEEMED to be. so i purchased my emac. wow. i've had it for a couple of months now and can't stop using it. i actually enjoy using my computer, and i am therefore learning a lot more about the OS, and i actually UNDERSTAND my computer (even though i worked with pc's, i NEVER quite understood them). cheers to the mac.
  3. matchmike

    converting microsoft word pc to mac

    works fine, the test drive that came on my mac wasn't working but i have the full version now
  4. Hello, I am a new mac geek with what is probably a trivial question for others in this forum. I recently switched from PC's, and all of my documents are in MS Word for PC. How do I convert these to my MS Word for Mac? Thanks
  5. matchmike

    sameday shipping to canada

    this is a question for any canadians in the forum about apple store shipping. i just ordered my first new mac (that's right...a switcher) and i have been waiting for quite some time for shipping. it was shipped 13 days ago (9 bus days) through sameday right away (?) with a tracking number. my app came in like two days (purolator), as did my ipod way back when. problem is there's no info on sameday's website about my mac (like it wasn'even shipped yet). anyone have any problems or know anything about this?