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  1. Hi, been listening to your comments regarding Apple Pay and one of the weird things I have been experiencing with Apple Pay in the UK is that since around the time of 10.2/10.3 there have been glitches that were not there before. Specifically what's happening is that the connection to the reader and I get the notification to my phone telling me the charge has been made. However, despite what I see on my screen, the sales person says the transaction has not gone through, which in the early days of this happening, resulted in arguments between the sales person and I, with me saying I had been charged. Now I realise that there is a glitch in the system and I honestly tap my phone back on the reader and leave it longer and this now seems to work. Now this slow process seems mostly in retail environments and there is no logic as to why some work quickly and others do not. Railway ticket gates work like lightning on Apple Pay so I'm presuming it's the retail devices that are not equipped to take full advantage of the speed that Apple Pay can work at. However, there are times now when it just feels more secure and safer to use the debit card and tap and pay with that. Would like to add that at no time was I doubly charged so at least the bank or the Apple Pay system seems secure at this point.