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    Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    In 2011, I bought a top of the line MacBook Pro (2.3 Ghz i7, Hi-res Anti Glare Screen) and it is still going strong (Photoshop, Lightroom, Office, Keynote) due to upgrades along the way. As well as replacing the battery twice and preventative maintenance of replacing the processor's thermal paste (quite a scary job at the time) here's how it now looks: Original Spec included: 750GB HDD, 4GB RAM, DVD Drive, USB 2 Now Running: 256 SDD + 2TB HDD (replacing DVD - as JohnFoster's link), 16 GB RAM + a thunderbolt to USB 3 adaptor I've looked at the latest MacBook Pro models and whilst I would love a retina screen and he performance increases of their new processors and architecture, I would miss the available storage I now have (unless I add over £1000 and custom configure it to include a 2TB SSD) and some of those things Apple used to do to help the professional market choose Apple - for example: All the ports on on side - makes docking much neater Reasonable selection of ports - inc. Mini DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, USB, Ethernet Battery Gauge built into the case MagSafe Also, am I right in thinking the latest MacBooks can only be configured with 16GB RAM? If this is the case, there is no upgrade here as my 2011 is already running with that amount of RAM. I am hoping my 2011 model will soldier on until: - New MacBooks can be configured with 32GB RAM as user upgrades are no longer possible. - Apple release or recommend an official dock to plug into a USB-C port which gives Ethernet, USB 3, DisplayPort etc. - upgrading to 2TB of storage comes down in price. I know this is a Wishlist and don't expect it to all 'come true' - I wonder what are my other options when I need to replace my MacBook Pro - probably go for refurbished older retina model.