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  1. zwarbot

    Applecare Checklist - Extras

    I just wanted to make an extra comment about the Pre-Applecare checklist. With regards to setting up an new user account for the purpose of checking faults, I think its a MUST to make a new user account when your mac is working fine. I have seen a couple of issues crop up that would not allow me to see the desktop, so making a new user then is out of the question. Make a new user while you can, give it full admin access rights & then don't use it & have it ready to go when trying to trouble shoot. The way I operate is; I setup an account called Admin when I first installed OSX, this has the full access & I then I setup another user as my name & this is what I use for day to day running. Hope this helps.
  2. zwarbot

    Automount Network Drives

    Do you mean how to get from the code on the website, to a working Applescript? or explain more what the Applescript code does? Happy to help either way.
  3. zwarbot

    Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo

    I'll add my thumbs up for the MBP C2D! Its the laptop I have long been waiting for.. upgrading from a Pismo G3 500! Why did I wait? Well I needed a lot of boxes ticked. Here are the things I was waiting for in a laptop: - Intel Chip - 64 bit Intel Chip - Built in iSight - 256MB Video card - Front Row - Firewire 800 - Matt Screen. - High Max Ram So as you can see the Macbook Pro C2D delivered specs that might even last as long as the Pismo did, 6 years!
  4. zwarbot

    Wireless dropout

    My Wife's MacBook suffers from loosing the wireless connection when waking from sleep, & Its totally got something to do with the Macbook. As I can connect with my MBP to the Airport BS fine at the time. So as an idea (might be a long shot?? ) I am going to disable the IPv6 settings & see what difference that makes. If others can try it will be interesting to see what happens. Its in Sys Prefs > Network > Airport > Configure > TCP/IP tab > Configure IPv6 button at the bottom > OFF. Hope this helps.
  5. You should check out Hamachi software. It is loads easier to setup than OSXVNC (Vine) & Putty SSH tunnels. It also has a client for Windows Linux & Mac. You can get the Mac client from HamachiX site. It works so that when running the machines are connected as if they are on the same LAN. So all sorts of things work, iTunes Music sharing, VNC, SpyMe etc.. Hope this helps.
  6. zwarbot

    Automount Network Drives

    I know this is not giving you an answer to why your automount is not working, however I use an applescript applicaiton in my login items to mount drives. Here is an example for you to customise if you want to try another way. try --Check to see if the mac is on with ping set ping_result to (do shell script "ping -c 1 192.168.0.x") -- If Mac is on; ask which drive to mount, then mount that drive display dialog "Which drive do you want to mount?" buttons ["Drive1", "Drive2", "Drive3"] if button returned of result is "Drive1" then tell application "Finder" mount volume "afp://username1:passwd1@192.168.0.x/Drive1" end tell else if button returned of result is "Drive2" then tell application "Finder" mount volume "afp://username2:passwd2@192.168.0.x/Drive2" end tell else tell application "Finder" mount volume "afp://username3:passwd3@192.168.0.x/Drive3" end tell end if --If Mac is off; error 2 is returned, display the message on error errStatement number errNum if (errNum = 2) then display dialog "No response was received. Make sure Mac is awake." end if end try
  7. zwarbot

    Reply to "Needing on the road access"

    I think SpyMe is OSX only. Your best bet is to install a VNC server on the PC. Then use, as Adam advised, Chicken of the VNC to control the PC. If your PC is not on the same network, (ie at work), you still could install & run Hamachi on the PC to take care of the VPN. This way you can use the unsecure VNC protocol over the secure Hamachi VPN connection. Hope this helps.
  8. I have found that the software HamachiX, which is free VPN software & SpyMe is a great way to have access to files & control of a remote computer. HamachiX is a GUI interface for Hamachi which currently only has Windows & Linux client. You can start the clients on both machines & login in to your own private VPN. The macs then find each other on the network, so its like they are on the same local network in the same room. From there any VNC or SpyMe screen control program can then be used to control the remote mac. Here are the software links: Hamachi: http://www.hamachi.cc/ HamachiX: http://hamachix.spaceants.net/download.html SpyMe: http://www.readpixel.com/spyme/
  9. I saw this in the iTunes 7 installer: Bring on the iTunes Phone!
  10. zwarbot

    Best Way To Clean MacBook Screen

    I used the Monster iClean as well. Its good. I like the small travel size kit.
  11. zwarbot


    You won't have to. PPC machines will still be fine & supported for another 3-4 years yet. I still use my Pismo G3-500 Powerbook which is now 6 years old!
  12. zwarbot


    Wow! this is great. I am impressed with the specs for price. I wonder what the gloss screen is like?? I love the black! Wonder if its the same material they used to used for the Pismo Powerbooks?
  13. zwarbot

    Neon colors

    Do you have a bootable backup of your system? I had a similar issue with one of my systems, but since I have been using SuperDuper was able to reboot out of the messed up clone onto my Main system drive and keep working. I then re-did the clone to clear the errors. Sorry I wasn't able to fix it another way.
  14. zwarbot

    Tiger on a G3 - can it be done?

    Yes it does. You can find out more about Mac systems here
  15. zwarbot

    Tiger on a G3 - can it be done?

    I have used OSX on my Powerbook Pismo (G3-500) which is spec'd less than the iBook in question since OSX.1 With every update ie 10.1 to 10.4, my Pismo has run faster than the time before. Its amazing really, that an old system gets better the longer I own it. Compare that with a Windows PC, the longer I own it the slower it goes.